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Kate Middleton Lookalike Received Multiple Death Threats for Impersonating the Princess of Wales? Heidi Agan Says She Needs to Be Up to Date With Prince William’s Wife’s Hairstyle, Fashion

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Kate Middleton has one of the prettiest faces in the royal family. So, it's not surprising to know that a lot of people look up to her and even want to look like her. Luckily for Heidi Agan, she doesn't need to try too hard because she already resembles the Princess of Wales.

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Kate Middleton's Impersonator Heidi Agan Reportedly Received Death Threats

According to Mirror UK, Heidi Agan works as a Kate Middleton impersonator. This means that she needs to stay up to date with the Princess of Wales' fashion, hairstyle, and even her baby bump.

Agan also travels to different places as a Middleton lookalike, and she has also been photographed with other lookalikes for Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, and more.

But as exciting and fulfilling as her job can be, Agan revealed that she has already received multiple death threats for impersonating Prince William's wife. At first, she was taken aback by such threats, but she now looks at them as an opportunity to educate her children.

"It's the world of social media, there are always people who say, 'why are you trying to be somebody else?' When it first happened, I was so taken aback by the amount of hate that comes from people but now I've learned that that's the way it is. Everybody has an opinion. If my children see something negative, I can talk to them about my personal experience and it's important to educate your children to help them," she said.

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Heidi Agan Details What It's Like To Impersonate Kate Middleton

Other than the death threats, Agan has also received a multitude of marriage proposals because a lot of people are convinced that she looks like the Princess of Wales. Of course, she never accepted any of the proposals because she's married with children.

As a Kate Middleton impersonator, Agan said that she gets recognized by some royal fans when she's out in public.

"I was in Tesco the other day and it's nice because you know people haven't forgotten, a worker said 'are you that girl who does Kate?', and it's lovely when that happens. I went to London recently and this guy was staring at me and his little girl said: 'Why are you looking and he said: 'I know that girl from somewhere. I get a quick double-take normally and you can see their thought process. I don't mind it, I would never want to be her, under that level of scrutiny and pressure, so the little double-takes are enough," she said.

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Kate Middleton's Impersonator Stays Up To Date With Her Fashion, Hairstyles

And in order to look more like Middleton, Agan has made it a point to buy the outfits that the royal wears before they run out. She also copies Middleton's hairstyle and even sported a fake baby bump while the mom of three was pregnant.

"I wish I could fall out of bed with amazing hair as she has. Luckily she doesn't stray too far from what we're used to seeing. It's big news when she gets a fringe. That was the worst thing, I hope she regrets it too and doesn't get it cut in again," she joked.

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