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KARA's Move Again MV Pays Tribute to Late Member Hara? Empty Seat on Clip Gains Attention

Credit: KARA OFFICIAL/YouTube Screenshot

After a long wait, the remaining active members of the K-pop girl group, KARA, reunited to mark its 15th anniversary.

KARA followed in the footsteps of its labelmate, FIN.K.L, which became one of the most successful girl groups in K-pop history. Although the group received attention globally, especially in South Korea and Japan, KARA lost its members in the past years.

While they only exited the group and returned recently for the reunion, one of them left for good.

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KARA Seemingly Pays Tribute to Hara in Move Again Music Video

KARA’s comeback had been disclosed months before the members’ reunion. Industry representatives said that they met in June and discussed having a new single.

OSEN (via Naver) confirmed that KARA has already reached the final stages of its comeback, hyping fans with details about Move Again. After the group released the teaser video on November 29, fans noticed an empty seat on the video.

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In the online community theqoo, Kamilia members shared screenshots of the music video, noting that there are six glasses and plate sets. For this comeback, Gyuri, Nicole, Jiyoung, Seungyeon, and Youngji were the only members in the clip.

With that, they theorized that the empty seat was dedicated to their late co-member, Hara. This caused the public to remember the late K-pop idol while supporting the group in their new project.

The 15th-anniversary album marked the group’s first project in seven years, following their seventh mini album, In Love.

What Happened to Goo Hara?

Goo Hara made several suicide attempts in the months leading to her untimely death.

In May 2019, she worried everyone when she posted the word “Goodbye” on Instagram. She was then found unconscious after sharing the post, leading her to stay in the medical facility for days.

Soon after regaining her consciousness, she apologized to fans and revealed she was suffering from depression.

Although her fans made sure she knew they were there for her, others took advantage of her and spread malicious comments against her. Her ex-boyfriend, Choi Jong Bum, made things worse when he threatened to release private photos of her and assaulted her.

Goo Hara, unfortunately, died in November 2019.

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