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KARA Comeback: Here’s Why Fans Think the Girl Group’s Return is a Success

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Credit: 딩고 뮤직 / dingo music/YouTube Screenshot

KARA has successfully made a comeback this year with their 15th-anniversary album, Move Again. With this big return, fans can’t help but analyze what made their reunion a big success and if it may start the other second-generation girl groups’ comeback.

KARA made the 2022 MAMA Awards nostalgic with their performance, making fans extra emotional. Many of them were overjoyed seeing the girls on the same stage once again.

Fans’ Analyzed the Success of KARA’s Comeback

In the online community The Qoo, translated by AllKpop, fans listed why the girl group’s comeback was a hit.

The discussion’s creator said the first reason that their return was a success was that their latest song, “When I Move,” was “really good.”

Their concept was also perfect, and their recent comeback was what their followers had imagined.

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In addition, KARA has a lot of songs that fans can listen to again anytime. Hence, some of their previous tracks are back on the charts again.

It also can’t be denied that the girl group has been one of the most famous bands in the Korean music scene since the 2010s. They, too, are extremely popular around the world, especially in Japan, resulting in having a solid fan base.

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Also, though years have passed, fans must admit that their visuals remain beautifully the same. They also praised the group’s music label, DSP Media, for making the perfect marketing plan for the girls’ return.

Will KARA’s Return Start Second-Generation Girl Groups’ Comeback?

Now that KARA has successfully made a comeback, fans hope that it will start the much-awaited return of other second-generation girl groups like Miss A.

In another online community forum, one fan asked if there was no news about Miss A’s reunion.

"I think Miss A....has a higher chance of not gathering anytime soon,” a different fan said, per AllKpop.

However, another follower asked how a reunion could happen with their “atmosphere.”

"I feel like they will never reunite,” added another. "That group will probably never [reunite]."

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So, to explain the situation, one fan compared all these girl groups’ relationships.

"To be honest, all the groups that are reuniting all regularly met up and maintained their relationship even during the time they weren't active,” the netizen stated. “The fact that the groups with a lot of years into their career reunited means their relationship is really good and that they have people supporting their reunion."


Take Girls’ Generation as an example; they also made a triumphant comeback this year, though theyever disbanded. Hence, Miss A might not return as a whole group.

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