SPIRE Entertainment’s Former CEO Breaks Silence Over OMEGA X’s Accusations

Credit: Cosmopolitan/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Cosmopolitan/YouTube Screenshot

Kang Seong Hee, the former CEO of OMEGA X’s agency, SPIRE Entertainment, has broken her silence over the allegations of physical and sexual abuse the 11-member group allegedly suffered at her hands.

OMEGA X claimed at a press conference that the former CEO “habitually” sexually harassed and physically assaulted them. They also revealed the hardships they had gone through with the company’s management and the reason they wanted to terminate their contract.

SPIRE Entertainment Former Addresses OMEGA X’s Accusations

In a phone interview with The New York Times, Kang Seong Hee denied all the allegations thrown against her by the K-pop group.

She even stressed that she cared for them “like a mother.”

She also alleged that Jaehan “collapsed on his own” when he fainted at the Los Angeles hotel.

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Despite what happened, Kang Seong Hee hopes OMEGA X will continue their activities with SPIRE Entertainment.

However, she asked the boys to pay the agency’s debts and even accused them that the allegations they made against her were part of the plan to move to a bigger agency.

Elsewhere, OMEGA X’s Japanese management company has also cut ties with SPIRE Entertainment.

OMEGA X Accused SPIRE Entertainment’s Former CEO of Sexual, Physical Abuse

OMEGA X claimed Kang Seong Hee sexually and physically harassed them, along with other difficult things they endured under SPIRE Entertainment’s management.

Jaehan, Junghoon, Sebin, Jaehyun, Kevin, Hwichan, Taedong, Hyuk, XEN, Hangyeom, and Yechan attended a press conference on November 16 and revealed everything they had been through with the company and its former boss.

"The reason why we couldn't help but to endure and keep quiet about all of this until now was because we were afraid that our last chance [to succeed as artists] would disappear if we didn't,” the group’s leader, Jaehan said, via AllKpop.

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“For the sake of our fans who trusted us, supported us, and waited for us, we had to endure,” he continued. “As the eldest member and the leader [of OMEGA X], seeing the members struggling and getting exhausted, I was afraid and worried that our dreams would collapse. I wanted to protect OMEGA X."

However, the time came that they couldn’t keep it in or endure any longer.

“For anyone else receiving unfair treatment and for those who also have dreams, we decided to gather courage [to speak up],” Jaehan added.

The Alleged Abuse Kang Seong Hee Did to OMEGA X

Jaehan also revealed the abuse they experienced at Kang Seong Hee’s hands.

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"Including touching our thighs, holding our hands, and touching our faces, she habitually sexually harrassed us,” she stated. “In addition to regularly saying things like 'if you want to keep doing OMEGA X you better keep crawling [at my feet'], 'I'm going to kill you', and more verbally abusive words, she made our [OMEGA X] members shake in anxiety by threatening us that she will commit suicide."

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