Kamala Harris Shock: VP’s Marriage To Doug Emhoff In Crisis? Joe Biden’s Partner Also Feuding With Jill Biden

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Credit: The Ellen Show/YouTube Screenshot

Kamala Harris’ often serious demeanor has not earned her any favors. Even though the vice president gets the job done, her critics believe that she’s too serious for her own sake. In fact, there are claims that Harris is too straight to the point and she doesn’t care if she hurts other people’s feelings.

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Doug Emhoff Can’t Handle The Demands Of Kamala Harris’s Job

Star, in its Jan. 3 issue, claimed that Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff’s marriage is in crisis due to the vice president’s busy schedule and strong personality.

An unnamed source said that Harris and Emhoff have only been married for seven years, but they are already feeling the pressure since the former was elected vice president of the United States.

“They are a team but she has to be away from him at times. There’s a lot of stress in Kamala’s work – she logs long hours seven days a week, plus she’s scrutinized daily for every single thing she does or doesn’t do. That’s got to have an effect on her relationship. Kamala can be tough. She’s assertive and unsentimental,” the source said.

Doug Emhoff Gave Up Everything For Kamala Harris

Emhoff used to work as an entertainment lawyer, but he decided to leave his job so that he could support Harris during her campaign. The dad of two now works as a lecturer at Georgetown University.

However, the unnamed source claimed that Emhoff’s dedication to Harris and their marriage doesn’t seem enough for the veep. After all, Harris easily gets upset when her husband makes even the slightest mistake.

“In social situations, a flicker of annoyance might appear on Kamala’s face when Doug interjects the conversation with a comment he meant to be humorous because she’s so serious,” the unnamed source claimed.

Kamala Harris, Doug Emhoff Fighting Nonstop

At home, the couple also, allegedly, gets into endless arguments because they disagree on a lot of things. Emhoff is, allegedly, the type who doesn’t like to engage in arguments because he wants to preserve his energy for other more important things.

But despite all the challenges that Harris and Emhoff are facing in their marriage, the latter continues to stand by his wife’s side.

“He doesn’t tell her what to do or push advice on her. And at the end of the day, she respects him and appreciates having him close. Doug has a way of lightening things up even in the worst of times and that makes him the perfect match for Kamala,” the source said.

Kamala Harris, Jill Biden Feuding Even Before VP Was Elected

However, the rumors surrounding Harris do not end there. The same publication believes that she is also at odds with Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden.

In the book Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Trump, author Edward Isaac-Dovere claimed that Jill hated on Harris after the latter slammed the POTUS’s work with known segregationists to pass various bills.

But after Biden and Harris were elected as president and vice president, respectively, the latter was left with no other choice but to fake her relationship with Jill.

“Kamala and Jill may not be the best of friends but they are very professional. Everyone likes Doug, Jill and Joe included. And the four of them have spent a few social occasions together and they no doubt shared a toast this Christmas,” the unnamed source claimed.

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Kamala Harris, Doug Emhoff, Jill Biden Rumors Debunked

However, there is no indication that Harris and Emhoff’s marriage is in crisis or that the former is at odds with Jill.

While it may be true that the pressure of the vice president’s job is taking a toll on her marriage to Emhoff, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are on the brink of a split.

Earlier this year, Emhoff and Harris’s blended family even received praises from their supporters. After all, even Emhoff’s ex-wife attended Harris’s inauguration.

This shows that Emhoff and Harris’s marriage is strong enough to handle any controversy or issue. In fact, more credible sources confirmed that Harris and Emhoff’s ex-wife is close.


Around Thanksgiving, Harris, and Jill also made headlines after they were photographed preparing food at a soup kitchen.

At the time, there were rumors that Harris and Biden are avoiding each other. Jill stayed in between the two leaders and she also made Harris feel welcome.

When it was time to take their photos, Jill instructed Harris to stand beside Biden. This shows that the two women are not feuding with each other.

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