Joe Biden Health Rumors: POTUS In Psychiatric Decline, Exhibits Memory Loss, Rambling Speech, Poor Impulse Control Which Suggests He Has Dementia?

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Joe Biden’s health has been at the center of speculations ever since he became POTUS, and his recent accounts seemingly added fuel to the fire.

Biden previously claimed to have worked as a truck driver even when he hasn’t. And he also said that he acted as liaison between Israel and Egypt during the Six-Day War of 1967. However, he wasn’t even a politician then.

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Joe Biden Suffers From Mental Decline

Globe, in its Dec. 27 issue, claimed that these are obvious signs that Joe Biden’s mental health is declining. And it’s also, allegedly, possible that he could be suffering from dementia.

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman shared her observations about Biden even though she has not even met the president. She claimed that the POTUS is delusional and that he could also be suffering from memory loss and psychiatric decline.

“He also exhibits memory loss or lapses, rambling speech, poor impulse control, and irritability. And it’s getting worse!” she said.


Joe Biden’s Critic Compares Him With Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin

Several other politicians have also expressed their concern over Biden’s mental health. Ret. Army Major General Paul Vallely previously called the POTUS delusional.


“He’s making things up – perhaps on purpose – but probably because of mental distortions of his own memories,” he said.

On another occasion, Vallely said that Biden cannot compete with the likes of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin.

“He represents a grave national security risk because he can’t compete with the likes of China’s Xi Jinping or Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. He’s obviously not capable of understanding nuanced military strategies that require cognitive thinking at the highest levels. He’s not able to protect America and shouldn’t be president,” he said.

Joe Biden Falls Asleep During Scotland Summit

Scott Stein also slammed Biden when he seemingly fell asleep during an event with other politicians.

“This is a guy who recently fell asleep in front of shocked international power brokers from across the globe at the world climate conference in Scotland. An aide was forced to wake Biden. What kind of signal do you think that’s sending?” Stein said.


Kamala Harris Can’t Takeover Joe Biden’s Job

The tabloid claimed that Biden’s cognitive decline is unfortunate because he doesn’t have a reliable vice president that can take over his duties while he seeks treatment or recovers.


Biden and Kamala Harris are also, allegedly, at odds with each other.

“She’s been an absolute disaster and, despite their denials, is fighting with Joe Biden behind the scenes. There is no confidence in her,” the unnamed source concluded.

Joe Biden Makes Up Stories

The New York Post previously claimed that Biden has been having a series of worrisome episodes that includes plagiarism and making up stories.


For years, Biden claimed that a drunk man killed his first wife and daughter. However, there’s no indication that the man was drunk in the first place. In fact, there are some suggestions that Biden’s late wife could’ve been the one at fault.

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Joe Biden Is Healthy

But regardless of what the publication and Biden’s critics say, his physician at the White House said that he’s healthy and fit to serve as president of the United States.

However, experts revealed that Biden did not undergo cognitive tests during his recent checkup. So, there are still ongoing fears that he’s not fit to be president mentally.

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