Jennifer Aniston Shock: Friends Star Invited Brad Pitt To Celebrate New Year In Mexico? Actress’s Friends Upset She’s Not Hosting Party At Home

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Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube Screenshot

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have been through so much. Following their split, the A-listers stopped talking to each other until they were finally healed. Things worked out in the end because Aniston and Pitt are not buddies and there’s no awkwardness between them.

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Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt’s Mexico Trip

In Touch Weekly, in its Dec. 27 issue, claimed that Jennifer Aniston and Pitt are so close that they are even planning to celebrate New Year together. And it was the Friends star that allegedly invited her ex-husband to join her in Mexico.

“Jen’s been talking to him about ringing in the New Year together. There’s no awkwardness or tension when they’re together now. She chalks it up to maturity. And the fact that she’s accepted what happened. Maybe they’ll shock the world by flying off to Cabo San Lucas in a couple of weeks,” an unnamed source said.

Jennifer Aniston’s Friends Want Her To Celebrate New Year In Bel-Air


However, Aniston’s friends aren’t allegedly thrilled to know that she won’t be in Beverly Hills on New Year’s Day. After all, they’re used to Aniston hosting their parties at her mansion.

This isn’t the first time that Aniston and Pitt are rumored to be celebrating an important occasion together.

Brad Pitt Will Surprise Jennifer Aniston On Christmas Day

Earlier this month, OK! magazine claimed that Pitt is even planning to surprise Aniston with an expensive piece of jewelry on Christmas Day. And when the exes’ friends heard about the actor’s plans, they couldn’t help but feel excited. After all, they’re still, allegedly, rooting for Pitt and Aniston to be together.

“Jen’s friends think there’s a side of her that would jump at a chance to date Brad if he made a move. There’s no doubt Jen finds Brad attractive and vice versa. They say they’re happy with the dynamic they have. Neither of them wants to risk it all for something that may not work out,” an unnamed source said.


Aniston allegedly invited Pitt to celebrate Christmas with her and her friends, and to her surprise, he accepted the invitation.

“It’s just nice to see them hanging out again. They still exchange gifts every year. Apparently, Brad got Jen some pricey jewelry, and she’s ordered him some artwork. It’s a great sign that they’re spending Christmas together,” the unnamed source claimed.

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Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Have Different Christmas, New Year Plans

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However, the publications’ claims are just based on speculations. There’s no proof that Aniston and Pitt will be ringing in Christmas and New York together, and there’s no reason for them too because they are not a couple.

As of late, it’s still unclear what Pitt’s Christmas and New Year’s plans will be. But it’s possible that he will reunite with his children on these special occasions.

Last year, Pitt’s three youngest children reportedly visited him at his home and stayed there overnight.

“They can spend the night with him on Christmas Eve,” a source told Us Weekly at the time.

As for Aniston, The Morning Show actress usually celebrates Christmas and New Year with her closest friends in the industry. They gather at the actress’s home in Bel-Air for food and drinks, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

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