K-pop Generation Documentary: Writers, Producers Explain How Series Highlight Industry's Behind-The-Scenes

Credit: TVING/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TVING/YouTube Screenshot

K-pop Generation started sharing what the idols’ lives look like behind-the-scenes in its eight episodes.

TVING confirmed the arrival of its documentary in January. The network revealed it would feature a number of K-pop stars and groups, including TXT, ENHYPEN, IVE, LE SSERAFIM, STRAY KIDS, EXO’s Suho, Highlight, NCT Doyoung, SHINee’s Minho and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa.

Foreign artists like NiziU, JO1 and SB19 are also included in the documentary.

Following its premiere on Jan. 26, K-pop Generation’s creators opened up about the program in a new interview.

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K-pop Generation Shows Idols’ Lives to Fans

K-pop Generation unveiled its first episode on Thursday and shared the first detailed look at the industry with fans.

The first part of the 8-episode series, titled Duckzill, highlights the fans and their act of showing love and support for artists and musicians. After the release of the episode, the producers and writers of the program held an online interview to share more of what people should expect from the series.

The executive producer of the series and CEO of production company Patchworks, Jin Jung, said that fans nowadays take part in artists’ music by pitching in with their own ideas.

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“The idea of deokjil is all the cultural and industrial aspects of fan activities put together,” he explained. “What’s interesting is that fan activities change depending on the artist, and artists and fans grow together through each other.”

The first episode of K-pop Generation explains why fans spend their money, energy, and time to support their idols. It also features K-pop idols who directly experience it, including LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura.

Instead of the program focusing on the K-pop artists alone, K-pop Generation also tells fans’ stories.

What To Expect More From the K-pop Generation

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Credit: TVING/YouTube Screenshot

As the documentary continues, fans can expect to see a total of 53 artists from 22 groups. Other professionals will also make appearances to give explanations and stories about the industry.

Producer Cha Woo Jin said they made the show with the global audience in their mind. The music critic noted the growing numbers of consumers outside South Korea and how K-pop groups started welcoming members of different nationalities.

Meanwhile, Chief Producer Im Hong Jae explained how K-pop grew bigger in the past years. He explained:

“The way that K-pop is explained in the world is not just with its music, but as this compilation of music, performance, fashion, food and so many more cultural aspects that make up this one big lump. An interviewee described it as a ‘gigantic house with so many doors open inside.’ The many ways through which people consume K-pop mean that the passion that people have for K-pop won’t just go away even if a group is gone, but that it will live on in its own right.”

Directors Kim Moncly and Lee Ye Ji offered closing statements, highlighting the K-pop culture’s influences on global fans.

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