J.Y. Park Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is JYP Entertainment's Founder?

Credit: JYP ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JYP ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

With decades worth of career, J.Y. Park — whose real name is Park Jinyoung — surely has a whopping net worth that made his fans drop their jaws.

J.Y. Park has humble beginnings in the K-pop industry. From being a member of the Park Jin Young and the NG(New Generation), he went on to try his luck as a solo artist before launching his agency, JYP Entertainment.

After years of being part of the K-pop industry, how much is J.Y. Park’s net worth now? Continue reading to find out!

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J.Y. Park’s Net Worth

Multiple news outlets offer different estimations, but Seoul Space and Ventured reported that J.Y. Park’s net worth as of 2022 is around $250 million. The figure made him the richest K-pop idol as of press time.

Following him on the list are Kim Jaejoong, PSY (Park Jae Sang), G-Dragon, Rain, and Choi Siwon.

J.Y. Park’s amount of fortune does not surprise fans, though, as he has several sources of income while serving JYP Entertainment as the Executive Director and CCO.

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He started his career in 1992, conquering the stage for the first time with Cho Hye sung and Yoon Tae Jin. As the trio’s first album, Floating Time, he wowed the fans instead with his first song as a solo artist, Don’t Leave Me.

While working on his solo career, he met Bang Si Hyuk, the founder of BTS’ agency, Big Hit Entertainment (now HYBE).

In 1997, he established the Tae-Hong Planning Corp — which eventually became JYP Entertainment — and debuted the legendary K-pop group g.o.d. From there, the company debuted more renowned groups and soloists, including Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, DAY6, TWICE, GOT7, ITZY, Stray Kids, and NMIXX.

J.Y. Park’s Career

Outside JYP Entertainment, J.Y. Park became a successful singer and actor.

He released several albums that made it to several charts’ top 10, like Tantara, Kiss Me, Even After 10 Years, and Back To Stage. He also added film and TV titles under his belt — The Wonder Girls Movie, Queen of the Night, A Millionaire on the Run, Dream High, and The Producers.

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