Juvenile Justice Continues To Lead Netflix Top Non-English TV Show Rankings

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Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Juvenile Justice is following the footsteps of All of Us Are Dead and Squid Game for showing dominance in Netflix's global charts.

Although it failed to reign in the worldwide top TV shows like the K-zombie series and the Hwang Dong Hyuk directed K-drama, Kim Hye Soo's new drama managed to sustain its influence in other categories.

Juvenile Justice Remains the Leading Netflix Non-English TV Series

According to Netflix's Global Top 10 site, the streaming giant released a weekly chart dated March 7 to March 13, showing that Juvenile Justice remained in the first place.

For two consecutive weeks, the 10-part episode series ranked first as top Non-English TV series, garnering a total of 25.94 million views.

Landing at second place is the Colombian telenovela Café con aroma de mujer, with a total of 23 million hours viewed.

Capping the top 3 non-English TV shows is the British psychological thriller Lies and Deceit.

Interestingly, four K-dramas made it to the top 10. Still at the weekly rankings is All of Us Are Dead at fourth place, followed by Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk's coming-of-age series Twenty Five, Twenty One.

Joining at top 10 is A Business Proposal starring Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jeong, ranking at sixth place.

Lastly, Forecasting Love and Weather, which features the unique chemistry of Song Kang and Park Min Young, made it at eighth place.

Unfortunately, Son Ye Jin's new drama Thirty-Nine was not included in the weekly chart due to its one-week hiatus brought by the national election.

Released on February 25, Juvenile Justice immediately gained the public's attention for delivering a unique storyline and featuring a roster of talented actors.

From lead stars to supporting roles, every cast showed a stellar performance making the Netflix series a must-watch K-drama.

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Juvenile Justice Stars React to the K-drama's Global Success

The 10-part episode law drama follows the story of an elite judge named Sim Eun Seok. She is vocal about how she despises young offenders but was transferred to a local juvenile courtroom.

With her cold demeanor and intimidating persona, she was often referred to as "judge max" because of how ruthless she could be in court.

Despite this, Juvenile Justice managed to highlight not just the reason why Sim Eun Seok hates juvenile offenders but also how the law system works.

In an interview with Korea Herald, Kim Hye Soo spoke honestly about her thoughts regarding the glorifying success of the Netflix series.

The award-winning star says that she is "grateful" to hear that the series ranked in Netflix's global top 10 charts; however, she was "more satisfied to see the active debate and online exchanges about the issues (of juvenile delinquency)."

The Signal star explained that everyone from the team, from director, staff, screenwriter and more, "hoped the issues raised by 'Juvenile Justice' would be considered serious and discussed by many viewers more than the success on the charts."

With this, Kim Hye Soo pointed out that she is "happy" to see that they were able to "achieve that goal."


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