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Jung So Min Diet: Here’s How The Alchemy of Souls Star Lose Weight Safely

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Jung So Min is one of the most talked about female leads in K-dramaland, thanks to the success of the tvN series Alchemy of Souls.

The 33-year-old actress stars as Mu Deok, a top-notch warrior trapped in a commoner's body.

Besides viewers getting hooked on every episode of the historical romance fantasy series, fans are also drawn to Jung So Min’s charm and dazzling beauty.

However, before the gen z, K-drama viewers knew her as the fearless Mu Deok, she appeared in the 2010 series Playful Kiss as the clumsy high school student Oh Ha Ni along with the perfectionist Baek Seung Jo, played by Kim Hyun Joong.

Amid her success as an actress, she admitted that she struggled to maintain her weight in the healthiest way possible.

Jung So Min Diet

In a 2012 interview in MBC FM4U Jung Yup’s Blue Night as obtained by Soompi, the then rising star confessed about the challenging part of being an entertainer.

Ahead of the production of her K-drama Playful Kiss, Jung So Min revealed that she spent more than one and a half years trying out healthy ways to lose weight.

Jung So Min’s diet includes paying attention to what she eats and making sure that she spends time working out.

“I cared about what I ate and also worked out hard with yoga. In order to lose the fat in my legs, I even went to get acupuncture done,” she said.

Moreover, the actress also emphasized that she doesn't support or recommend going under the knife to shed pounds “because it ruins your health,” referring to liposuction, which is an easier way to get rid of extra body fat.

For the actress, “being healthy is much more important than becoming prettier.”

Thankfully, all her hard work has paid off after managing to slowly lose 10 kgs not until her K-drama Playful Kiss began its production.

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Jung So Min Gained Weight While Filming Playful Kiss

Jung So Min revealed that she struggled to maintain her weight during the filming process.

“When I was filming the drama, Playful Kiss, I gained 10kg from my normal weight,” she said, adding, “After losing the 10kg, I am currently at about 42 kg. Being an entertainer is a hard job.”

12 years after Playful Kiss was released, Jung So Min is leaner than in her earlier days as an actress.

As seen on her Instagram and Jung So Min’s YouTube channel, she likes to explore restaurants and try out different food, but in moderation.

How to Lose Weight Safely?

While some see Jung So Min as their #fitnessgoals, there are simple yet effective ways to lose weight.

According to Healthline, the first step is cutting back on sugars, also known as refined carbs.

Instead, replace them with whole grains like buckwheat, oats, and more.

In addition, focus on adding protein, fat, and vegetables to your diet, and lastly, exercise. Moving your body helps burn calories and helps prevent metabolism from slowing down.

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