Joo Won Diet: A Guide to Carter Star’s Fitness Secret

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Joo Won made a bold comeback as he headlines the blockbuster Netflix movie, Carter.

He took the role of a top agent who woke up one day without recalling his past and even his identity.

However, despite not having any memories of who he is, Carter had a mission to save humanity from the zombie virus by rescuing the daughter of the scientist who has the cure for the plague.

Besides Carter’s unique story and stunning visual effects, viewers also noticed Joo Won’s massive transformation for the role.

The 34-year-old actor veered away from his usual image and returned with a buzz cut, tattoos, and a perfectly ripped physique.

Interestingly, he shared his fitness secrets during his appearance on SBS Radio Show Kim Young-Chul's Power FM.

Joo Won’s Diet Focuses on Protein and Healthy Food

As obtained by a media outlet, the Hallyu actor shared his preparations and experience for his comeback movie with Netflix.

He revealed that he bulked up while filming the movie and asked how he gained 7kg.

Joo Won explained that it's not all about gaining weight or beefing up by doing exercises alone. He shared that besides working out, he also focused on his diet and had a strict meal plan.

“I also ate protein well, and increased fat and muscle mass together,” he added, "I ate well with healthy food,” he said.

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As for his built, he said that his goal is to shed off some fat but explained that “the muscle is the same."

It can be recalled that Joo Won previously shared in his interviews that he underwent four months of intensive training to prepare for his action stunts.

As seen in the Netflix movie, the actor has extreme fight and car chase scenes throughout the whole film.

According to Soompi, Carter's Director was impressed by Joo Won’s dedication and “understanding” of his role.

“He is quick when it comes to understanding action,” he said, adding “Out of all the male actors I’ve seen, he’s the best at action scenes. He was born with beautiful visuals and lines [of the body].”

There’s no doubt how Joo Won achieved his chiseled physique as seen in the movie Carter.

Kim Jong Kook Impressed by Joo Won’s Fit Body

Ahead of the movie’s premiere, he appeared as a guest on Kim Jong Koo’s YouTube channel, where the Running Man star and his fitness trainer checked Joo Won’s form while doing the workout.

In the video, the host-singer could help but gush over the Carter star’s perfect shoulders as he did some lateral exercise.

The same goes for the fitness trainer, who was also amazed by Joo Won’s body.

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