Jung Kyung Ho Relationship: Is The Hospital Playlist Star Ready To ​​Wed Sooyoung?

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Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Fans are swooning over celebrity couple Jung Kyung Ho and Girls' Generation Sooyoung's trip to Los Angeles.

The duo has been teasing millions of followers with heartwarming photos, showing off their low-key relationship.

Over their Instagram posts, there's no denying that the longtime couple is enjoying their vacation in the sunny L.A, particularly at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, where the singer-actress shared a snap wearing a denim overall paired with a crochet cardigan.

"Surrounded by art," Sooyoung's Instagram caption reads.

On the other hand, the Hospital Playlist star shared an image of him on his Instagram, acting cutely on the streets of Millwood Avenue in L.A.

While fans gush over their IG-worthy photos, the 38-year-old actor made it to the headlines after his best friend and rapper Outsider spilled the tea on Jung Kyung Ho's relationship with Girls' Generation's Sooyoung.

Jung Kyung Ho Relationship

The rapper appeared as a special guest on TBS FM's radio broadcast last May 17, where he spoke about his best friend's romance with the singer-actress.

As obtained by GStarLive, the host asked Outsider if he thinks Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung will tie a knot anytime soon.

The rapper replied with an interesting answer and said, "To be honest, for me, it's amazing that they haven't gotten married yet."

However, he hints that the actor has been preparing to be Sooyoung's "the one."

"They have been dating for a long time, but Jung Kyungho always says that he is preparing to be a man who suits Sooyoung," he revealed, adding, "He is working hard and earning more money. He said that he has to be prepared."

With Outsider's revelation, it seems like fans might hear wedding bells soon.

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Jung Kyung Ho and Girls' Generation Sooyoung's Timeline

To recall, Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung were caught up in dating rumors back in 2013 after Sports Seoul revealed in their exclusive report that the pair had been "secretly dating" for over a year.

A year later, outlets noted that their respective agencies confirmed that Jung Kyung Ho and SNSD's Sooyoung are in a relationship.

As obtained by AllKPop, SM Entertainment shared that "the dating rumors are true."

In addition, Sooyoung's agency revealed that they started "as sunbae and hoobae" until their relationship progressed into a couple."

The same goes for Jung Kyung Ho's label, noting that "he and Sooyoung are dating."

Moreover, the management also apologized for "not responding truthfully" when the rumors were reported.

"At the time, when we asked Jung Kyung Ho, he had said that it wasn't true, so we had responded that way before," the agency added.

Nine years later, the couple has become more open about their relationship, especially the actor.

As noted by Chanel Korea, Jung Kyung Ho spoke about his longtime relationship with Sooyoung.

He told Iligan Sports in 2019 that he plans on marrying the singer-actress in the future.

Although the thought is only indirect, he pointed out that he wants to settle down if both of them are ready.

"I also have to think about my partner. I want to help her [Sooyoung] begin her career as an actress by being her steppingstone. I don't want to burden her or disrupt her career with marriage," he said.


In addition, the actor also mentioned that he "wants to see Sooyoung working actively" and could "get married afterward.

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