Jeon Mi Do Relationship Status: Who is the Thirty-Nine Star Married To?

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Credit: MUSIC&NEW / YouTube screenshot

Jeon Mi Do's relationship status sparked curiosity among fans after gaining popularity in the medical K-drama Hospital Playlist.

K-drama fandom was drawn into her role as she played Yulje Medical Center's top neurosurgeon Chae Song Hwa.

Viewers witnessed how the 39-year-old actress delivered a spectacular synergy with fellow lead stars Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Dae Myung, Jung Kyung Ho and not to mention her on-screen romance with Jo Jung Suk.

Despite the actor being married to singer Gummy, the duo managed to bring out heart fluttering series that kept the fans wanting for more. Interestingly, it's not only Jo Jung Suk who is married.

Is Jeon Mi Do Married? The Answer is Yes!

The baby-faced actress reportedly met her non-showbiz husband on a blind date, but first saw her in one of her musicals.

As some fans may not know, before her breakthrough performance as Chae Song Hwa, Jeon Mi Do was considered a legend in musical theater.

Per Channel News Korea, the actress was grateful to her husband for supporting her in her chosen career.

As for her interesting love story, the outlet shared that Jeon Mi Do married her now-husband in 2013, after meeting him on a blind date.

The universe conspired, and after six months of dating, they have decided to tie a knot.

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Who is Jeon Mi Do's Husband?

The Thirty-Nine actress wanted to keep her relationship as private as possible, given that Jeon Mi Do's husband is a non-celebrity.

However, the actress once talked about her husband and shared a glimpse of her married life in tvN's Three Meals a Day: Doctors.

The healing reality show reunites Hospital Playlist lead stars with special guests who happen to be their co-stars in the medical K-drama.

In one of the episodes, Jeon Mi Do were stunned to receive a text message from someone special and couldn't help but get emotional.

Of course, this sparked curiosity in Kim Dae Myung and asked her what the text messages said.

"My husband texted me. He just said that he watched it well (the last episode), but suddenly I burst into tears," she said.

After the episode aired, she became a trending topic after netizens were surprised to know that Jeon Mi Do is already married.

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