Jung Kyung Ho Reflects on His Unique Character in the Hit Kdrama Series Crash Course in Romance

Credit: NETFLIX PHILIPPINES/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX PHILIPPINES/YouTube Screenshot

Jung Kyung Ho opened up about Crash Course in Romance and the character he played in the hit drama series.

tvN formally released Crash Course in Romance featuring Jung Kyung Ho and Jeon Do Yeon. He played the role of Choi Chi Yeol, a math instructor at Pride Academy who has an eating disorder. Meanwhile, the actress scored Nam Haeng Seon's role, a former national handball player who starts operating a banchan shop following her mother's death.

In a new interview, the actor shared how it made him feel to portray the character.

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Jung Kyung Ho shares Thoughts About Crash Course in Romance Role

Crash Course in Romance soared higher when it dropped its last episode Sunday, scoring its highest viewership rating of 17 percent.

Following the success of the series, Jung Kyung Ho opened up about his past roles and his character, Choi Chi Yeol.

In an interview with The Korea Times on Thursday at a Gangnam District café, the 39-year-old Smile You star talked about the characters of different genres he portrayed so far in his 19-year acting career.

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"Looking back, I've been playing agitated and sensitive characters for the past eight years. I used to think I needed to break away from that box. But one day, I was monitoring my acting as Choi Chi-yeol and I felt I was doing something different than my previous roles," he said.

According to Jung Kyung Ho, portraying the character now that he is in his 40s became deeper and stronger. Compared to his other portrayals, the actor said his acting became more natural, that he no longer had to intentionally try to do something.

How Jung Kyung Ho Prepared for Choi Chi Yeol's Role

Although he was already flexible to do any characters, Jung Kyung Ho still prepared for Choi Chi Yeol's role by studying real-life celebrity math teachers.

He revealed that he watched videos of instructors and familiarized himself with writing down the equations on the board. Per the actor, he even bought a chalkboard and practiced everything at home for two months.

Jung Kyung Ho then compared his character to real-life teachers, saying he would offer warm encouragement and a high-kick to students instead of cursing or yelling.

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