Jung Ho Yeon Shows Drastic Weight Loss After Squid Game's Success

Credit: VOGUE/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: VOGUE/YouTube Screenshot

Jung Ho Yeon savored immense success of Netflix series Squid Game that she skyrocketed as one of the most popular actresses in South Korea.

She famously played the role of player 067, Kang Sae Byeok, in the hit Netflix series. The character is a North Korean defector who joins Squid Game to have the money to help her get her brother out of the orphanage and rescue her mother in North Korea.

Although her newfound fame should be mostly beneficial to her, Jung Ho Yeon alarmed her fans after a new worrying photo of her emerged.

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Jung Ho Yeon Faces Extreme Weight Loss After Squid Game Success

On her Instagram account, she shared a photoset of herself, one of which was taken at the LACMA art + film gala.

The photo in question displayed her thinner-looking arms and body, which made her fans extremely worried about her health. People then expressed their concerns toward her health, with one of her friends even joining the commotion and asking her to take care of herself more.

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Her pal, Park Ju Hyun, asked her if she wanted to be bones as she seemingly continues to disregard her health. Meanwhile, fans said that her physique is now unhealthy looking and does not fit her.

Amid those comments, other people told the public to be more sensitive about their words since they do not know whether a person – Jung Ho Yeon in particular – also suffers from an eating disorder or mental health issue.

Jung Ho Yeon has not commented on the recent queries yet. But the model previously spoke about her weight since joining Squid Game.

Jung Ho Yeon Opens Up About Weight

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the model revealed she lost six pounds a week after the series was released on the social media platform.

"I think [I knew] a week after it opened," she said. "I couldn't follow the speed of the growth of the 'Squid Game' success because, since COVID, I think everything is faster and even online, it happens just so quick."

She added that she could not eat since she could not follow when the series became successful. Despite the positive news, Jung Ho Yeon reportedly started losing herself and questioned how she could cope with her recent growth.

It surely has been overwhelming for her since officially becoming an actress, but Jung Ho Yeon's fans could not help but feel worried about her well-being.

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