Wheesung To Hold Concert For 1st Time After Probation Sentence

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Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Wheesung is ready to make it up to his fans already.

As one of the most popular soloists in the Korean music industry, Wheesung has already made a massive contribution since his debut in 1999. Throughout his career, he already became part of famous agencies in the country – one of which is YG Entertainment.

Since 2002, Wheesung has been raking different honors and awards from other organizations. However, things changed when he started depending on drugs and admitted his illegal use.

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Wheesung Comes Back For Fans

Nine months after he was found guilty of illegal drug use, Wheesung’s agency Realslow Company confirmed that the singer would hold a solo concert on December 24 at the KBS Hall, Busan.

Realslow company said it would be an early Christmas gift for his fans before the highly-anticipated 20th national tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his debut. Wheesung reportedly plans to perform some of his hit songs, including I Thought of Marriage and Insomnia.

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The news came as a shock to some Korean internet users, especially since the Korea Broadcasting Station (KBS) banned him from doing illegal and immoral actions. The company established the rule in order to get rid of their artists who suffer from public scrutiny because of their illegal activities. The rule includes illegal drug use, skipping mandatory military service, sexual assault, fraud, and illegal gambling.

Earlier this year, former BTOB member Ilhoon received the same treatment after being charged for illegal marijuana use. 2PM member Jun.K faced a similar fate when he was charged with drunk driving.

What Wheesung Did That Damage His Career

Earlier this year, Wheesung confessed to using an illegal narcotic and psychotropic drug, propofol. The same injectable was previously linked to Michael Jackson’s death.

He was charged for using the drug numerous times in December 2019 and was even caught buying it from a dealer. In March and April 2020, he was found unconscious in a bathroom in Seoul and a hotel for taking another injectable anesthetic, etomidate.

A similar incident happened in 2013 when he was put under probe for using the same substance while fulfilling his military services. At that time, no charges were filed against him.

Following this year’s trial, Realslow Company released a statement saying Wheesung only relied on drugs due to his father’s sudden passing and the deaths of several people close to him.


“Wheesung is very regretful and sorry that he is showing a poor image of himself, no matter the reason for it. We sincerely apologize to everyone for causing concern,” the company said.

Wheesung has since received a 2-year probationary period, and he might face one-year imprisonment if he violates additional laws within that period.

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