Jung Hae Min Breaks Silence Over Alleged Physical 100 Manipulation

Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Jung Hae Min breaks his silence over the controversy surrounding the final round of Physical 100 after losing to Woo Jin Young.

There are claims that the final Physical 100 battle between Jung Hae Min and Woo Jin Young was manipulated. According to the cyclist himself, the final round was interrupted by the show's producers themselves, and despite having the upper hand in the game, the cross-fitter ended up winning.

Jung Hae Min Speaks Out About Alleged Physical 100 Cheating

In an interview, via AllKpop, on Tuesday, February 28, the runner-up revealed he decided to speak out after seeing the series' main producer post, "a lie can become well-known, but it cannot be the truth," on Instagram.

"In July 2022, we did four rounds of the TOP5 match, where one person gets disqualified in each round. When we started the rope-pulling match, there was a big difference [between Woo Jin Yong and me]. Even members who were watching said that my speed was three times faster," he detailed.

Mid-way the Physical 100 fight, he said Woo Jin Yong raised his hand, complaining about the wheel making too much noise and claiming a problem with the equipment.

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From there, the show's producers intervened, lubricating the wheel and making the round easier for his opponent. As the battle was about to end, the producers stopped them again, saying they would take a break.

"We were taking a break when the producers came and said that they couldn't use the footage because of an audio issue. The producers said that they would cut the rope and will film again if I am okay with it. Woo Jin Yong agreed to it, too," he continued.

Though he was against cutting the rope, the producers convinced him, thinking it would be fine after the re-filming.

The Re-Filming Process

Jung Hae Min revealed the producers told them they could re-film the next day, though he doubted they could bring hundreds of people to watch them again.

He eventually agreed to the rematch when the producers said they would cut the rope as much as he had pulled out, though he wasn't sure if they did so.

They also talked about the problem with the equipment, admitting he was also skeptical about it.

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"Maybe it was because I ran out of strength, but when I tried to pull, it wouldn't budge," he explained.

He then asked the producers to explain why he ran out of strength, but they told him they couldn't intervene with the editing.

From there, he stressed he didn't want to be No. 1, make a rematch, or the pot money.

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"I just feel that the show was edited to make it seem like I lost in vain. That's what's hard to accept as an athlete," he stated. "I want to say this again, but I don't want to attack anyone. I was having a hard time that's why I came to talk about this personally. I just wish there is no one who is inconvenienced."

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