Jujutsu Kaisen: Megumi's Strongest Shikigami, Ranked

Jujutsu Kaisen Megumi's Strongest Shikigami Ranked Megumi Fushiguro
Credit: MAPPA

Jujutsu Kaisen Megumi's Strongest Shikigami Ranked Megumi Fushiguro
Credit: MAPPA

Cursed spirits and jujutsu sorcerers are in perpetual conflict in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. One such sorcerer is Megumi Fushiguro, who inherited his cursed technique from the Zenin family. But what are Megumi’s strongest shikigami?

Before we delve into the ranking, let’s learn more about his inherited technique called the Ten Shadows Technique.

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What Is Megumi Fushiguro’s Ten Shadows Technique?

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The Ten Shadows Technique is a technique passed down in the Zenin family, which is one of the biggest families in Jujutsu Kaisen.

The Zenin family is part of a group of elite lineages of sorcerers known as the Three Clans. Megumi is a shikigami user, and he can manipulate and create artificial cursed spirits.

Other techniques for the creation of shikigami require some sort of talisman, but Megumi can use shadows as an intermediary to create or manipulate one.

Megumi uses the shadow as a medium, he shapes their cursed energy while visualizing the structure of a shikigami.

After the shikigami is created it needs to be tamed by the user for better control. Megumi can summon ten different shikigami during a battle.

Using the Ten Shadows Technique, Megumi can hide in shadows and even store things within his own shadow.

  1. Rabbit Escape

    Starting with the weakest of them all, Megumi forms a rabbit’s head shadow with his hands to summon a swarm of rabbit shikigami from the shadow.

    These rabbits are mostly weak and harmless and serve as a distraction during a battle.

    Megumi first used this shikigami to retreat with Yuji Itadori in the battle against Jiro Awasaka. Countless rabbit shikigami filled the metropolitan expressway.

    Jiro saw the wall of rabbits as a threat and Megumi and Yuji got time to escape. Another time, Megumi used Rabbit Escape to maintain distance from his father Toji Fushiguro in a fight.

    He also made use of Rabbit Escape during the Culling Game against Reggie Star.

    Since Megumi can summon two shikigami at the same time, he summoned the rabbits and combined them with Max Elephant to distract his opponent.

    Interestingly, rabbits can continue to be produced in massive numbers despite how many are killed by the opponent.

  2. Nue

    This winged-shikigami is a bird-like beast with orange feathers and a white mask. Nue is armed with human-like teeth and large wings.

    Megumi summons Nue by clapping his hands together and shaping them like wings. Nue is classified as an offense and support-based shikigami with versatile abilities.

    Due to its advanced mobility, it is different from Megumi’s rest of the shikigami. He uses Nue to conduct aerial surveys of large areas and collect intel.

    When it comes to offense, Nue uses its electro-shock wings to sting the enemies. Nue’s flight allows it and Megumi to fight in the air.

    Megumi used Nue against the mighty Sukuna. He first used the Great Serpent to restrain Sukuna and then unleashed Nue.

    The bird shikigami struck Sukuna with electro-shock wings. The attack was weak against Sukuna who escaped and later went after Megumi.

    However, Nue was able to shield Megumi from Sukuna’s attack by covering him with its wings.

    During the Culling Game, when Megumi was dropped from the sky, he instantly summoned Nue to stop the fall.

    Also, he was separated from Yuji, so he used Nue’s surveillance ability to locate Yuji. Megumi extensively used Nue in his fight with Reggie.

    He used the shikigami to pretend to fly away, but he was luring Reggie into a closed area with sizeable room to launch his domain.

    Megumi often combines Toad and Nue to execute a technique called The Well’s Unknown Abyss.

  3. Toad

    Toad is a human-sized frog shikigami with a symbol on its stomach that looks like the Mirror of the Deep of the Ten Sacred Treasures.

    Megumi uses his hands to form a shadow puppet of a toad to summon this shikigami. Toad is mostly a support-based shikigami that Megumi uses to recover people or objects.

    Toad used its ability to get Nobara Kugisaki’s body away from a conflict region. Meanwhile, Toad can also be used to shock opponents.

    It can wrap up the enemy with its tongue and slam them onto the floor or against the wall with immense force.

    In his battle with Toji, Megumi called Toad after using Rabbit Escape to distract Toji.

    Toad played a key role in saving Megumi from one of Toji’s high-speed attacks.

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  4. Max Elephant

    Max Elephant is a massive elephant with unusual markings on its forehead, knees, and back.

    Megumi creates a shadow puppet of an elephant to summon this shikigami. Since it uses a large amount of cursed energy, it takes some time to summon Max Elephant.

    The shikigami can unleash a giant water wave from its trunk. When faced against Noritoshi Kamo, the Max Elephant blasted water with incredible force and flooded the corridor.

    The water forced Noritoshi through a wall and he was thrown out of the building. This gave Megumi enough time for another attack using Nue.

    Megumi utilized the power of Max Elephant when he faced Reggie and Chizuru Hari’s team in the Culling Game.

    Against Reggie, Megumi unleashed his Domain Expansion called Chimera Shadow Garden.

    Inside the domain, Megumi dropped Max Elephant on the opponent from the shadows of the domain.

  5. Great Serpent

    Using the Ten Shadows Technique, Megumi can summon a big white snake with black marks all over its body.

    Megumi utilized the Great Serpent to take down massive curses that were ready to kill Nobara.

    The Great Serpent bit into the fungus-like curse and Toad was summoned to rescue Nobara.

    Elsewhere, in the battle against Sukuna, Megumi quickly summoned the Great Serpent to launch a surprise attack.

    The snake held Sukuna in its mouth and left him immobile. Meanwhile, Nue repeatedly attacked Sukuna while he remained in the Great Serpent’s mouth.

    Unfortunately, Sukuna escaped and ripped the snake shikigami into pieces.

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  6. Divine Dogs

    The twin wolf shikigami is summoned by Megumi by forming the dog’s head shadow puppet.

    One of the wolves is white while the other is black. They both have three dots on their forehead.

    Megumi mostly used Divine Dogs as trackers. However, he allowed them to fight against weak curses.

    Divine Dogs are useful in tracking curses and they can alert Megumi about the presence of curses.

    After the white wolf was destroyed by a special-grade cursed spirit, Megumi transferred the dead wolf’s powers to the black one.

    Later, Megumi summoned a more powerful version of the shikigami named Divine Dog: Totality.

  7. Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga

    As fancy as the name of this shikigami is, it is one hell of a task to control it.

    Mahoraga is arguably Megumi's strongest shikigami, and, before him, no user of the Ten Shadows Technique had been able to control it.

    Mahoraga can only be summoned by reciting an incantation – “With this treasure, I summon…” and then invoking his name.

    Megumi cannot use a shadow puppet to summon but he can extend his hands forward with their fists closed to call Mahoraga.

    This is the most uncontrollable shikigami and even Megumi only summons it as a last resort in the most dangerous circumstance.

    During the Shibuya Incident arc, when Megumi was severely wounded, he ended up summoning Mahoraga against Haruta Shigemo.

    Mahoraga is armed with a sword named the Blade of Execution that comprises positive energy. The blade is capable of annihilating curses.

    During Mahoraga and Sukuna’s battle, the shikigami was able to punch Sukuna so hard that he crashed through several buildings.

    However, Sukuna is ridiculously powerful and easily wins the battle by using the Malevolent Shrine to slash Mahoraga. The King of Curses finishes the Divine General with a flaming arrow.

    Later Jujutsu Kaisen manga chapters feature an updated version of Mahoraga whom Sukuna is able to control following one of the series' most devastating twists.

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