Jude Law's Mystery Role In Captain Marvel Revealed By New Toy

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People have long believed that Jude Law will be playing Carol Danvers' mentor Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel. However, new merchandise for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe flick may have revealed that the Sherlock 3 star will portray a completely different character.

Spoilers Ahead! You Have Been Warned!

Fans were recently delighted to get a glimpse at the new Funko POP! figures from Captain Marvel. The lineup certainly has everyone including Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau, Talos, and even Goose the Cat. However, there was no sign of Mar-Vell. Instead, there was a figure for Yon-Rogg. Interestingly, the Marvel comic book villain appears to be wearing the same costume worn by Law in the film.

The image of the new POP! figures was immediately shared on Reddit where fans found themselves bewildered by Yon-Rogg being part of the lineup. Unfortunately, the leak may have confirmed that Law will be playing a baddie instead of an ally to Carol.

First Look at Captain Marvel Funko Pops! Leaked!

In the comic books, Yon-Rogg is also part of the Kree military force. However, he has a deep hatred for Mar-Vell and repeatedly tries to kill him. At one point, the villain even tries to put Mar-Vell on trial before Ronan the Accuser.

It's certainly interesting that Law is being marketed as one of the good guys in Captain Marvel although he could be the real villain. This might even explain why Carol ended up plummeting back to Earth in the first place. Nevertheless, we still recommend taking this with a grain of salt, at least, for now.

Captain Marvel will hit theaters on March 8, 2019.

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