Gemma Chan is Feeling Blue as She Returns for Captain Marvel Reshoots

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Captain Marvel is currently going through reshoots, likely to add some scenes or improve on some that have already been shot. There was a time when reshoots were something to worry about but talk like that has died down this year, thankfully. We knew that Brie Larson and Clark Gregg would be a part of the reshoots but it turns out that Gemma Chan, the film's antagonist, will also take part in it.

On Twitter, Chan shared a picture of her character's fist while confirming that she is "back to work," which will hopefully mean that Minn-Erva will be a memorable Marvel villain. The post also reveals that Minn-Erva will be blue since her most recent photo had plenty of people thinking that she would be green like Gamora, which would have been inaccurate.

Since the movie is coming out in March, these reshoots shouldn't be a problem and could look good once this hits theaters. Some Marvel movies have better CGI (Guardians of the Galaxy) than others (Black Panther) so here is hoping that the Brie Larson-starring vehicle is one of the better-looking ones. Here is also hoping that they make Minn-Erva cool since she's not exactly a mainstream Marvel villain.

Captain Marvel is the 21st film from Marvel Studios and the first that has a woman in the lead role. Ant-Man and The Wasp had Evangeline Lilly share the main character spotlight with Paul Rudd but Captain Marvel will be the first MCU film to have a solo female lead. The movie comes out on March 8, 2019.

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