Josh Trank's Fantastic Four would have Appeared in Tim Miller's Deadpool 2; Check Out the Concept Art

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There have been a lot of recent revelations concerning Tim Miller's version of Deadpool 2, but no one was expecting an appearance from Marvel Fox' Fantastic Four from 2015. Some concept art has made its way online, and it features the entire gang wearing their official FF gear.

Check it:

While we have no idea at what point in the film the FF were supposed to appear, we do get some tiny details on the concepts for some characters. For one, we actually get to see the Thing in a full-on jumpsuit, and he's looking very comic-accurate, complete with cigar. Johnny Storm is also the only member of the FF with a red suit, which is reminiscent in a short run from the comics where Johnny's uniform was red.


If anything, you could say that each of the suits that came out look like they're modern X-Men suits, but with a 4 instead of an X.

Though it's kind of a bummer that the movie bombed, the silver lining is that Marvel is now free to revamp the franchise as they choose. Hopefully we get a more comic-faithful adaptation of the FF when they make their way to the MCU—same goes for all the X-Men characters.

Deadpool 2 is now available on digital.

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