Joseon Attorney Episode 1 Spoilers: WJSN Bona Gets Trapped in a Complicated Relationship with Woo Do Hwan and Cha Hak Yeon

Credit: MBCdrama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MBCdrama/YouTube Screenshot

New Korean dramas are scheduled to premiere all throughout the month of March, and Joseon Attorney is one of the most anticipated of these.

In the upcoming MBC drama Joseon Attorney, which stars Woo Do Hwan, WJSN Bona, and Cha Hak Yeon, the main character is an eojibu, which is a term for an attorney who practiced during the Joseon Dynasty. He seeks retribution through the legal system against those who were responsible for the deaths of his parents.

Although the drama opens with a vengeance, it will show how the protagonist develops into a genuine attorney who cares about his clients and demonstrates how the desire for revenge can be rooted in feelings of isolation over the course of the story. While Woo Do Hwan plays the affable attorney Kang Han-Soo, Bona of WJSN will portray the caring Princess Lee Yeon-Joo in the upcoming drama.

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Joseon Attorney Episode 1 Spoilers

Yoo Ji-Seon, who serves as the Joseon-era equivalent of the city's mayor and is portrayed by Cha Hak Yeon of VIXX, is introduced in the most recent image teasers. In spite of the fact that he continues to disapprove of Kang Han-Soo's methods and unsuccessful attempts at storytelling, he is perplexed when confronted with the resentment of his people.

Lee Yeon-Joo, portrayed by WJSN Bona, is engaged to marry Yoo Ji-Seon. However, a complicated connection arises when Kang Han-Soo, portrayed by Woo Do Hwan, enters the picture.

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Woo Do Hwan, WJSN Bona, Cha Hak Yeon boast chemistry in new Kdrama

Joseon Attorney will feature Woo Do Hwan, WJSN Bona, and Cha Hak Yeon and their interesting chemistry as the main leads of the upcoming MBC Kdrama.

The triangular relationship story will test whether Yoo Ji-Sun will be able to continue his relationship with Lee Yeon-Joo, and how she will be related to Kang Han-Soo, who suddenly comes between them.

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According to the production team, the series will lead to an unconventional story led by the three actors. Meanwhile, Joseon Attorney is expected to start airing on March 31 at 9:50 PM KST.

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