Joo Won Net Worth: How Does the Carter Star Manage His Wealth?

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Joo Won is officially making a comeback with Netflix’s film Carter.

The singer-actor wowed everyone with his return to the big screen, sporting a massive transformation for his new movie.


Joo Won’s New Movie: Carter Release Date, Cast, and More

The 34-year-old star looked unrecognizable with his tattooed body and not to mention his obviously muscular physique as Netflix released still cuts and trailers for Joo Won’s new movie.

He took the role of Carter, a skilled secret agent who woke up one day without any trace of his memory.

His life took a 360 turn after he became a member of an explosive mission.

Interestingly, Joo Won had an intense preparation for his role that took months. According to Soompi, he underwent four months of extreme physical training to perform action scenes and stunts.

Viewers would get to see the 34-year-old actor having extraordinary car chases and motorcycle stunts.

Besides this, he also bulked up for the role and had gained 7 kg of muscle for Netflix’s Carter.


In the same report, the movie director Jung Byung Gil, who also helmed Action Boys and Confession of Murder, praised the actor’s dedication for his character and said that he “is quick when it comes to understanding action.

Moreover, he also pointed out how great Joo Won is when it comes to stunts.

“Out of all the male actors I’ve seen, he’s the best at action scenes. He was born with beautiful visuals and lines [of the body],” Carter director shared.

Besides Joo Won, viewers will get to see Lee Sung Jae as Kim Jong Hyuk and child actress Kim Bo Min as the lead stars.

With Netflix releasing intriguing teasers, Carter release date is set on August 5 through the streaming platform.

While viewers couldn't wait for Joo Woon’s new movie to debut, it seems like the public will be seeing more of this versatile star.

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Joo Won's Net Worth: How Rich is the Carter Star Today?

Before becoming an actor, Joo Won started as a member of a co-ed group called “FREES” and was a part of a children’s TV program under SBS.

He debuted as an actor after leaving the show and had his first K-drama in 2010, titled Bread, Love, and Dreams.

Since then, he headlined several remarkable shows, including Ojakgyo Family, Bridal Mask, and Good Doctor, that helped him skyrocket his popularity.

Joo Won’s last K-drama appearance was the smash hit fantasy melodrama, Alice, with Kim Hee Sun.

With his year-long acting career, Joo Woon’s net worth this 2022 is around 1 million to 4 million USD while his annual salary sits at 500,000 to 900,000 USD according to a report.

Interestingly, the singer-actor’s income was managed by his mother.


As cited by Channel Korea, Joo Won only receives a monthly allowance for his living expenses.

In the same report, the Alice star also mentioned that his family motives him to continue working.

For Joo Won, his family’s happiness is his number one priority.

“If my parents are happy, I will be more motivated at work,” he said, adding that they never had bad relationships with any members and he is at his happiest and “can bear the fatigue from overworking,” when he is with his family.

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