Joker Actor Joaquin Phoenix's Supposed Meltdown Outtake Was a Fake

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During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Joaquin Phoenix was made to address an outtake of himself on the set of Joker cussing out some of the crew while he was getting in character. While a lot of people thought Phoenix was completely caught off guard by the clip, it's been revealed that he was in on the joke all along.

As per Entertainment Weekly, Phoenix's publicist has revealed that the outtake was actually part of a joke, and even Phoenix reaction was part of the prank. Phoenix is apparently no stranger to awkward interviews, and he pulled a similar kind of stunt on David Letterman back in 2009.

Just in case you didn't know, Jimmy Kimmel had featured an "outtake" of Phoenix in Joker makeup supposedly cussing out crew member "Larry" (likely cinematographer Lawrence Sher). The video made Phoenix look to be having a meltdown and walking off set. The reaction from Phoenix was so awkward afterward that some people (myself included) had thought that it was in bad taste for the show to actually reveal the outtake.

When you think about it, no matter how spontaneous interviews seem, talk shows always run through their segments with guests before they go on air, and it's very likely that Phoenix knew about everything. If not, it would have been unprofessional on the show's part, and even I think Kimmel is better than that.

For now, everyone is excited to catch Phoenix on Joker which hits theaters Oct. 4.

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