Joker Tracking For $155 Million Opening Weekend At The Global Box Office

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Todd Phillip's Joker movie might have a much more limited audience with its R-rating, however, the gritty comic book movie is still expected to open strong at the worldwide box office this weekend.

According to the latest industry tracking by Deadline,Joker is going to bring in at least $155 million worldwide during the film's opening weekend. This might not seem as strong as other DC entries like the DC Extended Universe's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and its $420 million worldwide haul. Still, Joker's global tracking is pretty good for an October release, making it the second-best right behind Venom which raked in $207.4 million at the global box office last year.

Despite the growing concern that Joker might incite real-world acts of violence by individuals with the same demeanor and personality as Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck, Deadline reports that the film's tracking hasn't slowed down in the least. The overseas market is still interested in the film.


Prebookings in Europe have been described as "phenomenal," and the report says that the film could make an additional $75 million between China, Germany, and France.

This is pretty great news for the Joker. Despite the film's critical acclaim, the Joker has been swimming in controversy. There have been reports about security concerns from the military. The families of the victims of the Aurora Dark Knight Rises shootings wrote a letter to Warner Brothers about their concerns regarding Joker. The New York Police Department confirmed that it would be patrolling cinemas screening the film as a precautionary measure to avoid any sort of violent incident.

Despite all of this, Joker is still gaining a lot of traction.

Joker premieres this Friday, October 4, 2019.

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