Johnny Depp Heartbreak: Amber Heard's Ex 'Breaks Down' After Harrowing Audio Clip Was Played As Evidence, Legal Expert Claims Actor Is 'Winning In The Court Of Public Opinion'

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Credit: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube Screenshot

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been all over the news recently following their most recent sitting of the actor's court case against his former ladylove. The Pirates of the Caribbean star is suing for $50 million over an opinion Amber wrote in the Washington Post in which she claimed to have experienced domestic abuse.

The 58-year-old American actor told jurors that Amber Heard's abusive behavior included stubbing a cigarette on his face. On the other hand, the court found a text message from Johnny Depp to his pal, Paul Bettany, saying "let's burn Amber."

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The trial of Johnny Depp's defamation case against Amber Heard is said to last for six weeks. Keep on reading to know more details.

Johnny Depp Wept In Court Over Recording Of Amber Heard Begging Him Not To Cut Himself

Express UK reported Johnny Depp broke down while on the stand during his court case as an audio clip of Amber Heard begging him to "Stop cutting himself" was played. In the recording, the Aquaman actress was heard asking her ex-husband not to use a "dull and dirty" knife to "cut his skin."

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Johnny Depp, then, broke down and wiped away tears as he took to the stand for the third day. The Black Mass actor's testimony stated that the recording was from July 2016, which is exactly two months after he and Amber Heard filed for divorce.

The actress was begging Johnny Depp to "put the f*****g knife down," while the actor could be heard asking Amber Heard if she wanted to cut him on his "arm or chest."

Amber Heard retorted:

"Don't cut your skin, please do not cut your skin. Why would I do that?"

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Johnny Depp said "it's easy" and the Never Back Down actress stated, "please don't do not do that, please don't cut yourself." The actor responded, "I need to do what I want," and Amber Heard replied with, "I know."

The Into the Woods actor was then heard saying, "cut me, if you don't I will." Amber Heard told Johnny Depp "don't" and begged him not to as he raised his voice and repeatedly shouted "cut."

The latter part of the recording featured Amber Heard telling Johnny Depp she knows he is in pain but he needs to stop. The Murder on the Orient Express actor replied, "there's a way for the pain to go away."

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Before crying could be heard in the background, the actress said:

"It doesn't make it go away, trust me, I do know, it doesn't make it go away."

Amber Heard furthered:

"That knife is really dull and it would be the worst thing in the world to use to cut me with. It would be too painful and dull and dirty to use. No! No, please do not, do not, don't... you're going to hurt yourself."

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A series of sudden loud noises were heard from the audio clip. The former wife of Johnny Depp was heard saying, "don't hurt yourself please" before another crash and the audio clip ended.

In court, Johnny Depp broke down as he placed his head in his hand before wiping away tears. Amber Heard, for her part, has yet to take the stand in the court case.

Legal Experts Comment On Johnny Depp's Testimony Against Amber Heard

Meanwhile, while the trial is expected to last several more weeks and Amber Heard has yet to testify, a legal expert believes that Johnny Depp is "winning in the court of public opinion."

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Family attorney Chris Melcher told Yahoo Entertainment:

"Johnny has demonstrated that Amber was the dominant aggressor in the relationship which included acts of physical violence against him. He described how she threw a bottle of vodka at him which severed the tip of his finger, that she snubbed out a lit cigarette on his face and punched him in the face. He showed photographs of these injuries. But the case is not about whether Amber hit Johnny."

It is worth noting, however, that Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation and not for assault. Chris Melcher continued:

"Johnny needs to prove that she made a false statement about him in the Washington Post piece. He did not do a good job pointing out specific statements in the article that he believes are false. Amber did not directly say in the article that Johnny hit her. She portrayed herself as a victim of domestic violence and claimed that she faced backlash when she spoke up about it. Amber placed herself in a false light but that may not be enough to count as defamation."

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The family attorney also shared:

"Johnny is winning in the court of public opinion, even if he loses in the court of Virginia. He must know the chances of winning the defamation case is difficult, and is probably using this case as a forum to expose what Amber did to him. This is the first opportunity he has had to put Amber on trial."

Chris Melcher believes Johnny Depp did well during the cross-examination compared to his first day testifying and appeared "comfortable."

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He stated:

"Johnny did a great job explaining how he suffered abuse as a child by his mother and that he withdrew and started using drugs at a young age as a result. It was heart-wrenching to hear how poorly he was treated by his parents and how that led him to self-medicate with drugs at an early age because he had no other way of coping. This was vital testimony to show that Johnny used drugs to numb his pain, rather than to party. It also demonstrated that Johnny withdraws from conflict because that is what he learned as a child. The jury must have tremendous sympathy for Johnny, but ultimately they are expected to follow the law in making their decision."

An insider close to Amber Heard, however, told Yahoo Entertainment that Johnny Depp contradicted himself many times, especially when it comes to his substance abuse issues. The source said that the Fantastic Beast star has to prove that he did not abuse his ex-wife in the defamation case and does not believe the case was made.

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