John Wick Should Moderate Next Presidential Debate According to the Internet

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Credit: Lionsgate

The whole world is still talking about the heated Presidential debate between political rivals Donald Trump and Joe Biden which was a chaotic sight to see, to say the least. The political event was mediated by news anchor Chris Wallace but he gained criticism from viewers and the entire social media as he couldn't seem to gain control over the proceedings which turned out to be an overall hot mess after it wrapped up.

A second debate is scheduled to take place in the future and now, the Internet is sounding off following the messy debacle and a lot of netizens are calling for Wallace to step down as moderator and be replaced by a certain someone who, get this, isn't even a real-life person. We're talking about legendary assassin John Wick! Say what?!

Twitter users hilariously nominated John Wick and they have total faith that he can maintain peace and order in the next debate and I wouldn't exactly argue with the fact that he's more than capable of doing so. See some of the tweets below but be forewarned: they're downright outrageous!


Of course, it's never going to happen and it's all in the spirit of good fun amid the tensions that are rising following the controversial debate but can you imagine if Keanu Reeves' iconic big-screen character actually moderated the proceedings between Trump and Biden? I mean, sure, both men could be chaotic if they wanted to but who would dare cross the retired hitman who possesses a nuclear-like temper? I'm sure I wouldn't want to mess with someone like him. It'll surely go down in an alternate universe, that's for sure.

Speaking of Keanu, he's set to return as Neo in The Matrix 4 which is currently in production.

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