Joe Manganiello Now Having Doubts About Playing Deathstroke In The Batman

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Earlier reports on Ben Affleck's The Batman had us to believe that it would feature Deathstroke, and the character would be played by Magic Mike's Joe Manganiello. With the script rumored to be getting a full rewrite, Manganiello has spoken about his doubts about being in The Batman at all.

When asked about playing Deathstroke on Pittsburgh Today Live, Manganiello simply put his hands in the air and said "Maybe… We'll see." With a complete rewrite of the script, it may be possible that Deathstroke may not even appear in the Batman solo movie at all.


After numerous reports about Ben Affleck leaving the director's chair, and the production starting no earlier than 2018, fans are getting more and more worried about what kind of Batman film they're going to get within this Snyder-verse of DC movies.

As of now, the only thing we know about The Batman spin-off is that Ben Affleck will be returning as Bruce Wayne/Batman, and he will also be attached to produce. Matt Reeves, the man who helmed the last two Planet of the Apes films, will be taking over as director.

I'm fine with the production taking time as long as they deliver a quality movie. I have good faith in Ben Affleck as an actor, and Reeves has been doing good work with the Apes franchise. Best wait two years for a good movie, than wait just a few months for a mediocre one — looking at you, Suicide Squad.

No official release date has been announced for The Batman.

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