Joe Biden Shock: POTUS Suffers From Cognitive Decline, Early Stages Of Dementia?

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Joe Biden just had his first physical exam since he became president of the United States earlier this year. His physician, Kevin O’Connor released a statement thereafter saying that the POTUS remains for duty. So, Biden doesn’t need special exemptions or accommodations.

But according to CNN, O’Connor also singled out two areas of observation: a severity in Biden’s throat clearing and during speaking engagements, as well as his ambulatory gait or walking abnormality.


The physician also studied Biden’s x-rays and said that he suffers from arthritis of the spine, which is common among people his age.

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Biden’s six-page health report was also published online. But even if this was the case, some publications are still convinced that the POTUS is not fit to serve the country. After all, he reportedly falls asleep during engagements, forgets important information, and can’t control himself when he needs to pass gas.

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Joe Biden Not Healthy Contrary To Recent Reports?

National Enquirer, in its Nov. 29 issue, claimed that a lot of people are worried about Biden because he’s allegedly wasting away.

Dr. Gabe Mirkin, a longevity expert always quoted by the publication, said that Biden has been suffering the effects of his age. He also thinks that the POTUS deteriorated ever since he took office almost a year ago.

“He appears to be wasting away! The pressure of the job appears to have melted 15 pounds off of him. Sleeping in a public setting and the forgetfulness he exhibits over and over are all worrying signs that the office is overwhelming him,” Mirkin said.

A second source named Dr. Holly Schiff, who works as a psychiatrist, claimed that all these factors contribute to the compromised state that Biden appears to be in today.

“His apparent fatigue, rapid aging, and visible cognitive changes are troubling. It all points to cognitive decline and perhaps even the early stages of dementia,” Schiff said.

Other than Biden’s alleged health problems, the POTUS was also accused of not knowing what he’s doing as the president of the country. After all, other leaders can allegedly tell him what he should do.

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Joe Biden’s Mental Acuity Questioned

This isn’t the first time that Biden is rumored to be suffering from cognitive decline and dementia. Last summer, the Des Moines Register claimed that the POTUS’s mental acuity should be a cause for concern.

“It pains me greatly to see a decline in President Biden, and it worries me. He was 54 years old then and is 78 years old now. People age differently. My own mother is 93 and still sharp, but younger friends have mental deterioration that is significant,” columnist Greg Ganske wrote.

Ganske cited some of the reasons why he thinks that Biden is not suited for his job. First, the POTUS referred to Super Tuesday as Super Thursday. He also, reportedly, forgot the words to the Declaration of Independence.

Joe Biden Did Not Undergo A Cognitive Test


Newsweek also pointed out that Biden’s recent physical exam did not include a cognitive test that’s similar to what Donald Trump underwent.

Sanjay Gupta, the chief medical correspondent for CNN, confirmed the news during his interview with Anderson Cooper. The latter asked Gupta if there was a test to confirm Biden’s mental state.

“There's been a lot of focus on his cognitive abilities, questions raised by opponents and others, and in 2018 the former president [Donald Trump] had a test that measured mental acuity, was that part of today's test?” Cooper asked Gupta.

“It doesn't seem like it. I read pretty carefully through the doctor's report and they mention neurological exam, but that was more in terms of testing motor strength and sensation and things like that. As far as we know, for President Biden, we didn't see any kind of test like that performed,” Gupta said.

But even if this may be the case, there’s still no concrete proof that Biden suffers from cognitive decline or dementia.

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