Jo Jung Suk Cheating Allegations: Hospital Playlist Actor Accused of Cheating on Wife Gummy With Golf Player, Agency Responds

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A damaging buzz has hit Jo Jung Suk and Gummy's marriage.

The crooner couple, Jo Jung Suk and Gummy started dating in 2013 but never publicized their relationship until 2015. A few years later, they finally tied the knot before welcoming their first child in 2020.


While they are now a happy family of three, the Hospital Playlist actor has recently been accused of committing infidelity with his wife.

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Did Jo Jung Suk Cheat on Gummy?

Earlier this month, reports about Jo Jung Suk reportedly dating a famous golf player emerged. In response to this, his management agency JAM Entertainment dismissed the claims and said that the buzz was "groundless."

"There are false rumors spreading alleging that Jo Jung Suk is closer than friends with a golfer. Such groundless rumors are absurd and completely false. Jo Jung Suk has no relationship, acquaintance or whatsoever, with a female golfer. We will pursue strong legal action against the ones who maliciously slander our agency artist," JAM Entertainment said, per SBS News.


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The issue emerged months after a magazine disclosed that a famous male star was cheating on his wife with a golf player.

Even Rain was assumed to be the man before the buzz put the spotlight on Jo Jung Suk. Like what the Oh My Ghost actor's company did, the agency of the Rainism hitmaker debunked the infidelity rumors.

Jo Jung Suk Constantly Expresses His Love For Gummy

Long before the cheating allegations emerged, Jo Jung Suk had already showered his wife with love.


In 2019, he expressed how much he admires his wife's optimistic personality, which helped him become more understanding. He also said Gummy always cooks and makes him breakfast, making him fall in love with her even more.

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