Jinxed At First Episode 1 Recap: Will Seohyun Be Able To See Na In Woo Again?

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Jinxed At First started having its viewers interested in the storyline and the romance between the lead stars Girls’ Generation Seohyun and Na In Woo.

Jinxed At First is based on a webtoon of the same name written by Han Ji Hye and Koo Seul. It is a fantasy romance drama that depicts the story of an unlucky man who meets the goddess of fortune and luck who was hidden by a rich family.

Here is a Jinxed At First Episode 1 recap.

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Jinxed At First Episode 1 Recap

Jinxed At First Episode 1 sees a backstory of the women who can see the future. Their history of being prophets who accompanied emperors, kings, and royalties lasted for centuries, and they were forced to hide from the outside world.

Seul-bi and her mother are imprisoned in an elegant yet secret home where the Seon family takes advantage of their powers. And by that, Seon Sam-Joong uses Seul-bi’s mother, Mi-soo, to predict his future so his company can rise above the rest.

When Seul-bi grew into a curious young woman, she started to get tired of reading the same books over and over. When Min-Joon had brought his friends to their home, the loud music suddenly ignited Seul-bi’s interest from behind the walls.

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Coincidentally, Soo-Kwang is also there and got curious when he heard something weird. When Min-Joon and his friends were having fun with drinks, a mysterious force suddenly opened the secret door while Soo-Kwang was checking the walls where Seul-bi and her mother were.

Not a moment passed when Seul-bi hurriedly followed Soo-Kwang as he left the hotel. Seul-bi continued to tail him until they arrived at Soo-Kwang’s home.

As Seul-bi spends time with Soo-Kwang and his mother, the latter seems to have an idea of who Seul-bi really is. She was about to ask about the necklace she wore, but the conversation suddenly got cut when Soo-Kwang insisted on bringing Seul-bi back to the hotel.


Jinxed At First Episode 1: Seul-bi Experiences The Outside World With Soo-Kwang

Jinxed At First Episode 1 also highlights Seul-bi's fun experience in the outside world. She enjoyed her time at the amusement park and seemed to have affected Soo-Kwang’s luck as they won prizes one after another.

However, as soon as Soo-Kwang and Seul-bi arrived at the hotel, Seon Sam-Joong got enraged and accused the former of kidnapping the young woman.

Soo-Kwang was brought to the police station but was immediately taken out. He returned home to see his mother waiting for him at the bus stop in the pouring rain.

On the other hand, Seul-bi cried in her mother’s arms as she saw Soo-Kwang’s future. It turns out that she saw the accident that took Soo-Kwang’s mother’s life.

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When Soo-Kwang was paying respects to his mother’s ashes, he was suddenly attacked and thrown away to the sea. Thankfully, a fisherman found his body and took him for three days while he was in a coma.


He returned to the city with a new name, Myeong-Seong, and was forced to live a life different from what he imagined to be.

Two years later, Seul-bi became Min-Joon’s prophet and had helped him to receive good results in the company. Myeong-Seong started his own store in the market and was dubbed by the merchants as walking bad luck.

Min-Joon granted Seul-bi’s wish to get out of the hotel for a day. As they were having a meal, Seul-bi saw Soo-Kwang, and it was her sign to see him once again.

Meanwhile, Seul-bi’s mother helped her escape the hotel, hoping she would succeed in living a life of her own.

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