Jessica Jung Receives Mixed Reactions From Fans Following Release of New Book, Bright

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Jessica Jung, a former member of SNSD/Girls’ Generation, officially published her new book, Bright.

A week ago, Korea JoongAng Daily confirmed the arrival of Shine! The sequel, which follows the life of a Korean-American teenager named Rachel Kim, who wants to become a K-pop star.

The first novel was initially tagged as an autobiographical novel. But due to the criticisms as it was reportedly not fiction, the book’s PR agency removed the word autobiographical in its promotional content.

The new book, however, also did not receive pure positive responses from fans.

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Jessica Jung Releases New Book, Bright

On Twitter, Jessica Jung’s new book earned mixed reactions. Fans also took their time to share excerpts online and commented on them.

One of her fans highlighted how consistent she is in her allegation against SM Entertainment and her former girl group. In 2014, she posted a status on the Chinese platform, Weibo, and revealed that the agency and the SNSD members informed her that she was no longer a member.

At that time, she expressed her heartbreak as she was reportedly cut off without a justifiable reason.

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In her new book, she tells how Rachel went through the same thing, with Mr. Han telling the character that the Girls Forever (girl group in the book) were blindsided by her fashion line. The male character also tells Rachel that the members would not go to the Los Angeles concert if she was going, too.

Despite Jessica Jung’s consistent claims, some fans noted that her book is just one side of the story. They reminded everyone that the eight other members of SNSD have stories to tell, too, but chose to stay silent and “not to play the victim.”

Fans noted that Chinese SONEs knew about it all along, and it was the reason why they continued to support her.

SONEs Want SNSD To Create Diss Track About Jessica Jung

While some support Jessica Jung, other SONEs wished that the book would lead to SNSD’s highly-anticipated comeback.

It is worth noting that the girl group has not released a new project since their 2017 Holiday Night. Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun decided not to renew their contracts in the same year.

Meanwhile, the remaining five members – Yoona, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sunny, and Taeyeon – renewed their contracts but have not made a new music in the past years.

SM Entertainment and the members are yet to react to Jessica Jung’s explosive book.


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