Son Dam Bi, Lee Kyou Hyuk Confirm Having Romantic Relationship 10 Years Ago

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Credit: SBS ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Son Dam Bi and Lee Kyou Hyuk shared a secret about their relationship.

The South Korean actress shocked fans earlier this year when she announced her upcoming marriage to the former national long track speed skater Lee Kyou Hyuk. Through a heartfelt letter, she personally unveiled the news after initially denying reports about marriage.

Their agencies then confirmed in December that they had been dating for three months.

However, it turned out they had already dated before reigniting their relationship last year.

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Son Dam Bi, Lee Kyou Hyuk Share Shocking Fact About Relationship

On Monday, Son Dam Bi and Lee Kyou Hyuk conquered the Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny set for their first appearance.

They took their time to share their thoughts about the public’s comments about their marriage, saying that it was a shotgun wedding. However, the actress dismissed the claims and clarified that it was not also a pre-marital pregnancy.

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“When I first saw her in an informal setting, she didn’t seem like a celebrity. She was a friend I was comfortable with and that aspect struck a chord. Our conversations flowed well.” Son Dam Bi added, “I was drawn to Lee Kyou Hyuk’s charisma. He speaks in a fun way. He was popular during ‘Kiss and Cry,'” the athlete said.

The duo first met in 2011 on SBS’s show, Kiss and Cry. While doing the figure skating program, they reportedly began dating, and their relationship lasted for over a year.

The couple also described what they had as a “fiery, spectacle-like love.”

Why Did Son Dam Bi, Lee Kyou Hyuk Break Up?

Fortunately, they were able to reunite after 10 years. Son Dam Bi and Lee Kyou Hyuk both shared how they managed to rekindle their love after a decade.

The actress was reportedly going through a tough time that she had lost a lot of weight and spent her three months only drinking alcohol.

“An acquaintance of mine said we should go to your restaurant. I thought it’d be awkward but it wasn’t at all. Because of your words, some of my hardships felt resolved at a certain point and I found myself smiling while talking to you,” she told Lee Kyou Hyuk.

Meanwhile, the Olympian said that he also heard about the singer feeling depressed. So, he pledged to support and help her if they ever meet again.

Fatefully, they crossed paths and continued their relationship.


Son Dam Bi and Lee Kyou Hyuk will get married on May 13.

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