21 Oct 2021 9:48 AM +00:00 UTC

Jeon Somi Is Back: K-Idol Drops First Look Of 'XOXO'

Jeon Somi crossed more days on the calendar as the release date of her XOXO nears.

After excelling with I.O.I in 2016, Jeon Somi continues her journey being a solo artist. As of now, she has already released three singles and has shown incredible musical growth in the past years.

Before 2021 ends, the K-idol will dominate the charts and music shows again with XOXO.

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Jeon Somi Is Ready To Kiss And Hug With XOXO Comeback

The Black Label's official Twitter account unveiled the official teaser photo of Jeon Somi for her comeback this month.

The photo features a fierce-looking version of herself, surprising everyone with her punk-rock style makeup. Based on the post's caption, the new music will be available on October 29. She still dons her blonde hair she debuted during her recent single despite her fears of being treated as a complete foreigner.

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With that epic look and new music, Jeon Somi will unquestionably lead music charts again with that epic look and new musi, just like what she did with DUMB DUMB. Her previous song overshadowed other K-music on domestic digital music charts before giving birth to her DUMB DUMB dance challenge on several platforms, including TikTok and Instagram.

Her comeback announcement confirmed the report by Xports News last week, saying that she would be releasing a new song by the end of October.

Jeon Somi On Challenging Herself

Jeon Somi XOXO comeback
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Jeon Somi sports punk-rock style for XOXO comeback.

Apart from improving her music, Jeon Somi also faced struggles in enhancing her visuals. Although people have been head over heels because of her, she once revealed how she feared coloring her hair blonde.

In one of the online showcases to celebrate her DUMB DUMB, Jeon Somi opened up about taking risks and satisfying herself in the end. Per the singer, she always feared changing her image, especially her hair.


"I didn't want to dye my hair blonde even if I die, but the fans wanted to see it so bad. It's been a year since I made a comeback, so I wanted to challenge too. Blonde hair made me feel like a high teen, so I thought it was perfect for me, "she said.

But after her first try, she finally felt the freedom and satisfaction she always wanted. With XOXO, Jeon Somi will gain more from her hard work, for sure.

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