Jennifer Lopez Shock: Ben Affleck’s Girlfriend Dislikes George Clooney? Marry Me Star Allegedly Distanced Herself From Amal’s Husband

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Credit: The View/YouTube Screenshot

Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney have not always gotten along. In October, there were reports suggesting that the A-listers did not have a wonderful time working together in the movie Out of Sight.

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Jennifer Lopez Didn’t Enjoy Her Time Filming A Movie With George Clooney

According to The Sun, Jennifer Lopez refused to walk on the red carpet with Clooney by her side during the premiere of their movie.

“Jen famously did not get along with George Clooney when they made Out of Sight together. They couldn't stand each other. So, it's funny that Ben's new movie is with George and it's no coincidence that Jen was not photographed on the red carpet with him, posing with George and [wife] Amal,” a source said.

Jennifer Lopez Refuses To Repair Her Relationship With George Clooney

National Enquirer, in its Feb. 28 issue, claimed that Lopez and Clooney still have not repaired their relationship. And their feud is allegedly affecting Lopez’s relationship with Ben Affleck.

“She thinks he’s a snob and doesn’t care for Amal either, which bums Ben out because he’s hurting for friends on the West Coast,” an unnamed source said.

Affleck and Clooney are reportedly very close. In fact, the A-listers always plan meetings and hangouts whenever they’re both in town.

Ben Affleck Wants Jennifer Lopez To Reconcile With George Clooney

The Batman v Superman actor has allegedly been encouraging Lopez to join him when he hangs out with Clooney. This way, the former co-stars could bury the hatchet. However, Lopez has always declined the invitation.

“Jennifer’s not interested. She’s happy for Ben to see George from time to time but refuses to be involved. J.Lo is J.Lo. She’s digging in and he’s got to toe the line,” the unnamed source concluded.

As of late, Lopez and Clooney have never commented on their so-called strained relationship. So, it’s possible that these are all just rumors.

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Ben Affleck Grateful To George Clooney

However, it is true that Affleck and Clooney are very close.

Last month, the dad of three revealed that it was Clooney that helped him prioritize his time with his family while filming Tender Bar.

“My life has really changed a lot. Once I had kids, it became very obvious to me that the priority was time with them. George was spectacular in that way. He's a dad too and would let me out on the weekends or cut me early. He really understood and appreciated how important it was for me to see my kids,” Affleck told People.

The actor also said that spending time with his children became even more crucial following his divorce from Jennifer Garner. After all, this meant that he also has less time with his kids.

“So, I'm trying to fit a whole week of dad into three and a half days, [it's] hard and stressful. My standards really changed. I don't want to go travel and do something if it's not really rewarding and meaningful. Yeah, I have to work. The kids know I have to work. Their mom has to work. They understand that. But it's not like I'm some martyr for my kids. I get more out of it than anything else,” Affleck said.

Clooney served as the director for Tender Bar so he and Affleck were together almost every day for a couple of months.


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