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Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner Extremely Cordial Ahead of Blended Family’s First Christmas Together? Bennifer Allegedly Will Host a Christmas Celebration With Their 5 Children

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will be celebrating their first Christmas as newlyweds this month. And the couple will also be spending the holidays not just with their five children but also with their exes.

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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Looking Forward To Their First Christmas Together As Newlyweds?

According to Closer UK, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck extended their Christmas invitation to Marc Anthony and Jennifer Garner. However, it’s unclear if the two will be able to make it to their party in Los Angeles.

A source told the magazine that Lopez and Garner’s relationship improved in recent months. This means that the A-listers no longer feel awkward when they are around each other.

“The good news is that everyone’s getting along very well. The awkwardness that existed between Jennifer and Jen has been put to one side and it’s all extremely cordial. They’re never going to be best friends but both are pleased they’ve found a way to share common ground. And it’s good for the kids, of course,” the source said.

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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Will Spend Plenty Of Time With Their Kids On Christmas Day?

The source also claimed that Lopez and Affleck would make their first Christmas as a married couple very memorable, not just for them but for their children.

“This is a big Christmas for Ben and Jennifer. It’s their first as a married couple, so they want to make it really special and for it to be one to remember. They’ll be doing something with all the kids and family, and they’re determined to make it as smooth-sailing as possible with the exes,” the source said.

On Christmas Day itself, Lopez and Affleck allegedly will be in Los Angeles since they want to spend as much time as they can with Violet, Seraphina, Samuel, Max, and Emme. After their celebration in Bel-Air, Affleck’s children will head home and be with Garner.

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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Have Plans To Sneak Out On Christmas Day?

And once the festivities are over, Affleck and Lopez allegedly plan to spend some quality time with each other away from their kids.

“They’re planning to sneak away for a few days, somewhere they can celebrate their first Christmas as a married couple. It’ll likely be a log cabin or a hideout somewhere off the beaten track. They’re so excited to be planning out the rest of their lives together and have a heap of exciting things planned for 2023,” the source concluded.

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