Jennifer Aniston Shock: The Morning Show Star Obsessed With Famous, Accomplished Men? Doesn’t Want To Date An Average Joe

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Credit: Good Morning America/YouTube Screenshot

Jennifer Aniston is still single after all these years. And her fans are hoping for the day to come that the actress would reveal that she has finally found her person.

During a previous interview, Jennifer Aniston said that she’s ready to go back to the dating scene. However, she doesn’t have plans to meet guys online. Instead, she wants things to happen organically.

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Jennifer Aniston Refuses To Settle When It Comes To Dating

Globe, in its Jan. 17 issue, claimed that the actress has been struggling to find a date because of her unrealistic standards and demands. Aniston doesn’t allegedly want to date an average Joe.

“Jen is really disconnected from everyday life and that has a lot to do with how she spent her pandemic, isolated in ‘Zone A’ among the actors at her work. When she wasn’t working, Jen was living alone in her resort-like mansion, not having to venture out for supplies like regular folks,” an unnamed source said.

Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Have Any Prospects

However, this doesn’t allegedly mean that Aniston is selfish or self-absorbed for wanting to date a man that is famous and accomplished. After all, The Morning Show star always gives her time to charities, and she also donates to the causes that are close to her heart.

“The problem is, during the pandemic Jen’s circle shrunk drastically. Now, the actress needs a reality check and to figure out how to connect with real-life more. A lot of people have suggested she should just suck it up and date a normal guy, but that has always been impossible for Jen because of her weakness for famous and accomplished men. But it’s hard to see any other way that Jen can actually ‘get real,’” the unnamed source concluded.

Jennifer Aniston Still In Love With Brad Pitt

Earlier this week, there were also rumors claiming that Aniston has not found love because she’s still hung up on her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

Woman’s Day, in its Jan. 10 issue, also claimed that Aniston and Pitt’s friends are still rooting for them to get back together. But because the A-listers have been experts are denying their real feelings for each other, it seems they have not realized that they are each other’s person.

“Everyone in Hollywood would be dying to be with Brad or Jen and yet they don’t seem to commit to anyone else beyond casual dating. The only constant in both their lives over the past couple of years has been each other. They hang out all the time and go on little dates together. They’ve even gotten back into business together when Jen rejoined Plan B entertainment, the company they founded together when they were married that Brad took control of when they divorced,” an unnamed source said.

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Jennifer Aniston Took Past Pregnancy, Relationship Assumptions Personally

However, the only reason why Aniston is still single is that she was never in a rush to settle down. The actress doesn’t also like to confirm with the norms when it comes to marriage and pregnancy.

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress said that she used to take all the pregnancy rumors and assumptions about her personal life “very personally.” But over the years, she has learned how to take such comments in stride.

“It's like, 'You have no clue what's going with me personally, medically, why I can't ... can I have kids?’ They don't know anything, and it was really hurtful and just nasty,” Aniston said.

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