Jennifer Aniston Shock: Brad Pitt’s Ex-wife Allegedly Interested in Harry Styles, Could Meet Up With Former One Direction Singer Soon

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Credit: The Ellen Show/YouTube Screenshot
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Jennifer Aniston and Harry Styles have been sparking dating rumors in recent weeks amid reports that the Friends star watched the former One Direction member's performance of Music For A Sushi Restaurant in Los Angeles. During his set, Styles ripped his fans.

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Jennifer Aniston Thinks Harry Styles Ticks All Her Boxes?

After his performance, some fans wondered if Harry Styles intentionally ripped his pants to try and get Jennifer Aniston's attention. And now, a source for Closer Online is saying that Styles' attempts to attract Aniston were not in vain because she's allegedly interested in him.


"Jen had been joking to pals about who she could get together with next and there have been talks about Harry. He ticks all the boxes – he's successful, intellectual, edgy, and cooler than almost anyone else out there. He's totally in her league. Plus, of course, he's clearly into older women and has admitted he had a crush on her growing up, so she's confident this has a lot more chance of working out than some of her other recent matches," the source said.

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Jennifer Aniston Wants To Have Some Fun With Harry Styles?


Since Aniston has been single for quite some time, she's allegedly focused on having some much-deserved fun. And she allegedly thinks Styles is a perfect fit for what she's looking for.

"The way Jen sees it, she'd be crazy not to have some fun. Harry's got a great sense of humor and is totally chilled, they're a great match on paper. After the trousers incident, she got in touch and it's been quite flirty," the source said.

And since Aniston and Styles allegedly have common friends in the industry, it was hard to get each other's numbers.

"They have a bunch of mutual business pals and already had each other's numbers, so after Harry split his pants on stage, Jen used that opportunity to get in touch with him. They've struck up a regular back-and-forth. Friends feel it's only a matter of time before they meet up for a date, Jen is keen and Harry seems game. But he's super busy with tour dates and other work. At the moment it's a watch-this-space situation – but it's looking good and Jen's super excited at what the future holds," the source concluded.


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Harry Styles Reveals Jennifer Aniston Was His First Celebrity Crush


Three years ago, Styles did admit that his first celebrity crush was Aniston during his appearance on The Ellen Show.

But as of writing, there's no indication that he has been in contact with The Morning Show actress.

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