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Harry Styles Thought His Relationship With Olivia Wilde Became Too Intense, Stressful? One Direction Alum Allegedly Found the Pressures of Their Relationship Too Much

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Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde just ended their two-year relationship. And reports claimed that the A-listers decided to go their separate ways because of Styles’ busy schedule. However, another insider is claiming that there’s more to the exes’ story than what was previously reported.

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Harry Styles Struggled To Deal With The Pressures Of Being With Olivia Wilde?

According to Heartworld, Harry Styles struggled to deal with the pressures of being with Olivia Wilde, that’s why he decided to break up with her. But the singer is grateful for everything that Wilde taught him.

“Harry had some wonderful times with Olivia – this was by far the most serious he’s ever been about anyone. He’s grateful that she gave him the gig in Don’t Worry Darling and introduced him to some very impressive players in Hollywood, plus he really sympathized with the huge pressures she had to suffer. But for all the positives, it wound up becoming way too intense and stressful for him,” the source said.

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Harry Styles Tried To End His Relationship With Olivia Wilde Multiple Times, But She Refused?

The source also claimed that Styles tried to end his relationship with Wilde multiple times, but the latter allegedly kept begging him not to.

“Harry tried to end it with Olivia multiple times, but she kept begging him not to and would get upset every time he did try to leave. He was so done with all the drama – her anxiety about other women, the toxic war with her ex [actor Jason Sudeikis], her failure to connect with his friends and family, plus the apparent pressure to get engaged. It all became too much in the end,” the source said.

At one point, Styles allegedly felt smothered by Wilde because all she kept talking about was settling down with the singer.

“The way Olivia kept going on about getting married and buying a place together was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Harry felt smothered. It was like that go-with-the-flow type of vibe that made them so happy had been replaced with a needy streak, and it became a real turn-off. Harry had to walk away in the end. He wasn’t going to mess Olivia around by leading her on when his heart wasn’t in it,” the source said.

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Olivia Wilde Convinced She And Harry Styles Would Get Back Together Again Someday?

According to the source, Wilde has not given up hope when it comes to Styles. In fact, she allegedly thinks that they will get back together again someday.

“Olivia has this hope that they’ll wind up together again, but there’s zero chance of that. Harry’s totally done with the drama. For Olivia, this is both heartbreaking and embarrassing in equal measure. She’s all too aware that Jason might be laughing his head off at all of this. Harry was her everything, and she really believed he was in it for the long haul. She had her heart set on them marrying and building a long-term future together. Now, she’s wondering what she’s going to do next,” the source said.

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