Jenelle Evans Shock: Teen Mom Star Slammed, Urged To Spend More Time With Kids Than TikTok

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Credit: MTV's Teen Mom/YouTube

Jenelle Evans got flak again for her social media activities. Several netizens were unhappy to see the Teen Mom star busy with TikTok than spending more time with her children.

Jenelle Evans Slammed For TikTok Use

There is no question that Jenelle is loving TikTok. She has posted several videos on the platform and has over two million followers and 26 million likes.

However, it seems that not everyone is entertained with her TikTok presence. In one of her entries, Jenelle shares a clip of her lip-syncing to the Insane Clown Posse song, Chop Chop slide.

The lyrics include, "alright get your hatchets out let's chop, chop, chop, slide." The MTV star makes chopping action while pulling an angry face. When the lyrics say the police have arrived, she starts running to get away from the "po-po."

There is no doubt that she only wants to entertain her followers. However, fans took it to Reddit and slammed Evans, The Sun reported. One even pointed out her time in TikTok that she should have spent with her kids.

"She really has too much time on her hands.. instead of running around on The Laaaand, she could spend time with her kids," one commented.

"Instead of being ridiculous on TikTok she should be working with her kids to get them caught up to where they need to be but nope, she can't do that when there's stupid tiktoks to make," another added.

Jenelle has three children son Jace, 11, Kaiser, 7, and Ensley, 4.

To be fair with Jenelle, sometimes she does TikTok with her kids and even her husband, David Eason.

Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans Wants Custody For Son Jace

Jenelle's eldest son Jace is living with her mom, Barbara. The latter has custody over Jace. However, Jenelle has been working on winning it back.

Jenelle was only a teenager when she welcomed Jace. Her pregnancy was documented on MTV's 16 and Pregnant.

According to her, her mom urged her to party with her pals and sleepover. However, when she went home, the Child Protective Services (CPS) were already on the driveway. And they urged her to sign Jace's custody to her mom. However, she is having difficulty having Jace back because Barbara won't sign the custody to her.

"Bet none of you knew that, was it ever aired on tv? No. I'm sick of the truth being hidden from the public. I deserve to have my son back. Don't trust anyone with custody unless you truly can," Jenelle tweeted.

Jenelle had been fired from MTV's Teen Mom after her husband killed their dog. But fans can follow her on social media, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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