Jenelle Evans The 'Most Beautiful' Among 'Teen Mom' Stars, Aesthetic Expert Says

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Jenelle Evans has a perfect face, and she is the "most beautiful" among the cast members of Teen Mom. An aesthetic expert examined the faces of MTV's reality stars on Teen Mom, and Jenelle tops the list.

Jenelle Evans Has The Perfect Look Among Teen Mom Stars


Jenelle Evans is gorgeous, but she's more than that because she is the most beautiful of other Teen Mom stars. Lucy Williams, the owner of Aurielle Aesthetics, took a look at the faces of the Teen Mom stars. She used a ratio measuring physical perfection — the idea is that the closer the ratios of face, body part, or room are to the number 1.62, the more beautiful one is.

"Jenelle has a beautiful balance and perfect symmetry to her face shape, in my opinion, she is the most beautiful," Williams said, as per The Sun.

The other Teen Mom stars include Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea DeBoer, Leah Messer, Briana DeJesus, Jade Cline, and Ashley Jones. Teen Mom 2 stars include Farrah Abraham, Maci McKinney, Catelyn Baltierra, Amber Portwood, Bristol Palin, Cheyenne Floyd, and Mackenzie Mckee. Teen Mom 2 stars include Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea DeBoer, Leah Messer, Briana DeJesus, Jade Cline, and Ashley Jones.

Jenne Evans Fired From Teen Mom 2 Over This Incident

Jenelle Evans first appeared on MTV's 16 and Pregnant. She also joined onboard when the reality show spawned a second season, Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle has been part of the MTV show for over a decade but got fired in 2019 after her husband David Eason beat and shot her dog, Nugget.

MTV decided to stop filming any future seasons with Jenelle after the incident, E! News reported.


Evans addressed her departure from the reality show after the network announced that they would no longer be working with her. She admitted that she somehow knew that she would bid goodbye to the show.

"I was a little bit shocked but I saw it coming," Evans told Us Weekly. "It's shocking still but I respect their decision and have nothing but love for MTV."

In March, Evans said she missed Teen Mom 2 but acknowledged that she had to move on.

"It's just hard to be part of something when people replace you," the MTV alum said when she promoted her new podcast Girl S#!t.

"You were the original one that helped start that show, and it's hard to be let go of something that you've put so much work into."

Keep updated with Jenelle's whereabouts by following her on Instagram. You can also listen to her on The Jenelle Evans Podcast.