Jenelle Evans Shock: Teen Mom Star Shamed For Dirty Carpet While Daughter Flexes New Cowboy Boots, Reddit Users Urge Her To Buy A Vacuum Cleaner

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Jenelle Evans was a proud and happy mom after she purchased a new pair of cowboy boots for her daughter Ensley. However, the netizens were keener on commenting on the Teen Mom 2 star's dirty carpet instead of focusing on her daughter's footwear.

Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans Flexes Her Daughter Ensley's New Cowboy Boots

Jenelle Evans took to her Instagram Stories and shared snaps of her daughter Ensley wearing a new pair of cowboy boots. In the shot, Ensley posed with one hand on her waist while smiling at the camera.


She wears a dark shirt and a khaki pleated skirt above-knee length. She completed her get-up with her new pair of footwear.

"Got her new @stevemadden cowgirl boots," the happy mama wrote in the caption.

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Unfortunately, the netizens were keener on Ensley's surroundings rather than on her or her new footwear, which Jenelle wanted them to see. Many of them called out the former MTV star for her dirty carpet, The Sun reported.

It wasn't the first time Jenelle was called out due to her dirty home. In December, Jenelle unintentionally showed their sink overflowing with dirty dishes in the background when she tried to flex her husband, David Eason, cooking a romantic and kid-free meal for them.

However, instead of drooling over the couple's sweet moment, the netizens focused on the dirty dishes in their sink.

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What Did The Reddit Users Say About Teen Mom Jenelle Evans After Seeing Kensley's Photo

Several netizens seemed to not notice Kensley's new cowboy boots after seeing Jenelle Evans' story. In this Reddit thread, more of them had their attention on her carpet which many described as "dirty," and "filthy." Some said there were gnarls on her carpet prompting some to mock the celebrity mom with some commenting that she should have purchased a vacuum, instead of boots. Some were okay with her buying Ensley new footwear but suggested that she should have bought a vacuum cleaner too.

"Probably should have bought a vacuum cleaner too," one commented.

"When do we think the carpet was vacuumed last?" another asked.

"I’ve never seen proof that they own a vacuum," a different commented. Another added, "Oh gross" with crying emojis.

"she should have forgotten the cowgirl boots and purchased a carpet shampooer instead," a fifth user suggested.

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Meanwhile, several also pointed out their disapproval about Jenelle using a filter on Kensley's face because it made her look older. Also, for them, Ensley is already adorable for a five-year-old little girl.

"She is adorable, but I hate it when people put beauty filters on children!!!! It's so weird," one wrote.

"The filter on kids is disgusting. Who does she need to look attractive for? Does Jenelle not think she's cute enough how she actually looks?" another added. "So sick and twisted that she's allowing her insecurities to spread all over her children, specifically her daughter. Mothers have a big obligation to teach their little girls to love themselves completely, no matter what, and that they are good enough exactly as they are. This is not it."

What do you think about the Teen Mom star's post?

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