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Jay Park Admits Feeling Uncomfortable Because of Nickname He Earned as Idol/Rapper

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Jay Park shared his thoughts about being called a sex symbol for over a decade since his debut.

Before launching his solo career, Jay Park notably debuted as a member of the K-pop boy group 2PM. When he left the group, he rebranded himself as a soloist and a rapper.

Jay Park’s career continuously bloomed from there, becoming a record producer and entrepreneur. His success led critics, experts, and fans to give him nicknames, including born entertainer and sex symbol. However, he seemingly disapproved of the latter now.

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Jay Park Says He Feels Uncomfortable Because of the Nickname

The 36-year-old (Korean age system) All I Wanna Do rapper appeared on Psick Univ’s YouTube channel on Jan. 8 and sat for a candid interview with the crew.

One of them asked Jay Park about his Korean sex symbol nickname and whether he agreed to it. The idol, in return, offered a surprising response.

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"Because of the song 'Mommae' and 'Mommae' right now is eight years old,” he said. “The image and branding of 'Mommae' are so strong in people's minds that they continue to think that I'm that rapper of 'Mommae' and nipple parties. But in my mind, that was like when I was younger. When I had the six-pack."

He added that the brand and image of being a sex symbol is quite overwhelming as he nears his 40s. He said he had already gained fat from alcohol, and his skin had already gotten a little saggy.

Jay Park admitted how managing his physique these days is a bit harder. Although he wants to retire from that song because of the nickname, he does not want it to happen yet.

Jay Park Lands New Talk Show Job

While working on his music, Jay Park has also been tapped to host KBS’ upcoming late-night music talk show, The Seasons: Jay Park’s Drive.

Recording on Jan. 11, the KBS show will run for four seasons this year with Jay Park as its first MC. Its title was derived from the rapper’s name and his 2016 song, DRIVE.

Its official release has not been confirmed, but the network aims to premiere it in mid-February.

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