Jay Park Rumored Girlfriend, Honey J, Breaks Silence on Real Score With Rapper

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Credit: JAY PARK/YouTube Screenshot

Jay Park and Honey J established a close relationship as they are both artists in the hip-hop industry.

Honey J, who recently appeared on Mnet's Street Woman Fighter, currently serves as HolyBang's leader. She also works as Jay Park's choreographer. Meanwhile, Jay Park found fortune as a soloist after first debuting in the JYP Entertainment's boy band, 2PM.

The two grew closer together in the past years, but they recently sparked dating rumors that shocked the fans.

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Are Jay Park, Honey J Dating?

Honey J recently appeared in an interview where she dismissed the idea of dating Jay Park.

On Thursday, she told "Kia-Kya TV" host Hong Hyun Hee the real score between her and the rapper. According to the dancer, she has known Jay Park for a long time since they have a lot of mutual b-boy friends. Since the rapper was b-boying as well, they just did not get close but also started working as dancers.

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Honey J then denied she has been meeting him after work, saying she always goes home as soon as possible after a long day. In addition, she hilariously said Jay Park is far from the tall and handsome man she wants to date.

Jay Park, for his part, has publicly revealed that IU is his ideal type. Since Honey J resembles HyunA, some fans insisted that it is implausible the rapper would romantically pursue her. He also once told Rain he cannot marry when his schedule is not yet more structured and organized.

Jay Park, Honey J are Only Close Friends

Although they are not romantically connected, Jay Park and Honey J actually have a deeper relationship than expected.

On Teuk TV's YouTube channel, she revealed that the rapper was a big help during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the dancer, people in the industry faced financial problems due to the reduced number of dance lessons and concerts.

Fortunately, Jay Park helped her when she jokingly asked him to buy her one meal a day since she did not have any funds to feed herself.


"Truthfully, there are some stages where they don't need dancers. But Jay purposefully brought dancers to those stages. Thanks to him I am able to make it through these days. I'm really thankful to him," she continued.

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