Jason Momoa Shock: Aquaman Star Allegedly Supports Johnny Depp Over Co-Star Amber Heard? Watch Reaction Video

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Credit: GeoMFilms/YouTube Screenshot

Jason Momoa is the star of a YouTube video that Twitter users have been talking about. In the viral video, the Aquaman star cheered on Johnny Depp during the ongoing trial against his ex-wife and Momoa's co-star Amber Heard. Momoa also mocked Heard by calling her "Amber Turd."

Jason Momoa Supports Johnny Depp Over Amber Heard? Legit Or Not?

A video on YouTube featuring Jason Momoa seemingly reacting to the ongoing defamation Trial of Johnny Depp's defamation case against Amber Heard has gone viral. The clip already has over one million views in less than two days.

In the clip, Momoa is on one side of the screen while the other half plays the televised trial of Depp's case against the London Fields star.

In one scene, Depp was still talking when Heard's lawyer interjected. "I'm sorry, I'm still talking," Depp said.

"Good question, Johnny!" Momoa said while smiling.

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When Depp spoke in French, Momoa groaned and said, "My man is funny."

The video showed another clip from another day of the trial when the Fantastic Beasts star was talking about the poop on his bed. While on the stand under oath, Depp said Heard sent him a picture of their bed and "my side of the bed....."

Momoa seemingly looked excited as Depp trailed off. "Come on what was it," Momoa said as if cheering Depp to tell what's next.

"It was human fecal," Depp said.

Heard was shown in the clip, and Momoa reacted.

"All right her name is no longer Amber Heard. It's Amber Turd," Momoa said and groaned again while smiling.

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The video received several comments and was shared on Twitter. Many were convinced that Momoa just picked sides and supported the Pirates of the Caribbean star over his Aquaman leading lady.

"Jason Momoa You heard him her name is Amber Turd the guilty one," one tweeted. Another added, "When Jason Momoa said, 'her name is no longer Amber Heard, it's Amber Turd', it made me like him a bajillion times more."

The video looked so real that many really thought Momoa called Heard "Amber Turd." However, the netizens should slow down because the video is actually fake. It was clearly stated in the description that it used a voice-over, so everything one hears in the video is not from Momoa even if it sounds like him.

"Jason Momoa reaction dub to Johnny Depp Amber Heard Court Trial case 2022. Johnny Depp talks about how Amber pooped on his bed and highlights from defemination [sic] trial while Jason Momoa reacts to it," the video description read. "This is a FAKE/HUMOR/EDIT/VOICE-OVER."

The original video was actually taken from Momoa's interview with Anthony Anderson for Jimmy Kimmel Live in July 2021.

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Jason Momoa Losing Viewers For Aquaman Due To Amber Heard

Jason Momoa has not publicly supported Johnny Depp against his leading lady Amber Heard. However, the Justice League actor recently followed Depp on Instagram. But he also still follows Heard.

Many netizens are sad that Heard wasn't removed in Aquaman 2 because they wanted to watch it and support Momoa. However, they also do not want to watch any project with Heard on it, so they decided to just skip it, when Warner Bros. releases it.

"I'm Jason Momoa biggest fan... But I'm not going to watch Aquaman 2... And sadly lot of people thinks the same as me. Thank you Amber Heard! #Aquaman#AmberHeard #boycottaquaman," one tweeted.

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"Im sorry Jason Momoa for all the loss your movie is going to get if she stays. But WB needs to understand where the people stand. DC Entertainment: Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 - Sign the Petition! https://chng.it/HRtz2CrH via @Change," another netizen shared on Twitter.

"Not fair in Jason momoa and the other actors but it has to be done @wbpictures fire amber heard or aqua man will flop," a third netizen added.

"I love #JasonMomoa but I won’t be going to a theater to support #Aquaman2 due to #AmberHeard being part of it. It’s nauseating that she LIED about charity donations, and fans have been advocating that she was removed from the cast for a long time. @wbpictures #DeppVsHeard," a fourth user added.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be released on March 17, 2023.

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