James Gunn Says Peacemaker Series is Basically The Suicide Squad 2

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

It's pretty obvious that The Suicide Squad director James Gunn has huge plans for his DC Extended Universe stint and while we still know very little about the actual extent of his contract, by the looks of it, his vision for the franchise will be absolutely fun and chaotic. Those who've seen the R-rated film are also aware that John Cena's character Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker is set to become of the franchise's most important characters.

Gunn obviously has huge plans for Cena's character and the upcoming HBO Max spinoff project Peacemaker pretty much solidifies that. Turns out, the Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker is quite adamant about turning the series into a huge deal in the DCEU and according to him, the show is basically an extension of The Suicide Squad, contrary to the fans' assumption that it will be its own thing.

Taking to Twitter, Gunn revealed that Peacemaker is pretty much the direct sequel of The Suicide Squad, and to those asking if we'll actually be getting The Suicide Squad 2, the director claims that should he take on another TSS project, it's definitely going to be labeled as part three.

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Credit: WB

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As goofy as he looks, Peacemaker turned out to be one of the most compelling and complex characters in The Suicide Squad and I gotta say, Gunn made the right call by casting John Cena for the role. Not that I'm trying to underestimate his depth as an actor but the multi-time WWE champion was a huge revelation in the film and if anything, I'm beyond excited to see him return for more DCEU projects.

Peacemaker will unveil its first official teaser in the upcoming DC FanDome in October.