James Gunn Reiterates Why His Superman Movie Doesn’t Need Henry Cavill

As new DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn continues ‘restructuring’ the DC Universe, his plans have only garnered disappointment and mixed reactions from fans worldwide, seeing as his plans included the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3, no more Black Adam sequel, and the most prominent of all — Henry Cavill no longer getting his well-deserved sequel, Man of Steel 2.

Unfortunately, despite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s relentless hyping up for the Man of Steel’s return in the DC, as well as Henry Cavill taking to Instagram about his reprising of the role, Man of Steel 2 has been reportedly scrapped. At least, in the case of ever seeing Henry Cavill back on screen again sporting the cape.

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In a recent Q and A thread on Twitter, insistent fans keep asking more details on the future of the DCU, but most especially involving how Gunn is “doing another origin story that no one wants.” To that, the DC Studios head had only one thing to say. Check out his tweeted reply below:

It would seem as if there is actually still hope for a Man of Steel — just not with Cavill. Gunn will soon be searching for the ‘younger’ Clark Kent for his Superman origin story movie. While this step does seem to go well with what Gunn has in mind, fans are quick to take this as an insult for falsely stating Henry Cavill’s return. Check out some of the fan tweets below:

#FireJamesGunn has been recirculating due to Gunn’s statement, and it’s clear fans are not going to put an end to this unless the DC Head responds why his Superman origin story vision would require a ‘younger’ Clark Kent, instead of continuing Henry Cavill’s storyline. What do you think?

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