James Gunn Confirms Survival of One Suicide Squad Character

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Months after the release of The Suicide Squad, fans have built many theories along the way after what ensued in the movie and one of those is the survival of one character from the fatal explosion that killed most of the team in the first few minutes of the film. Finally, James Gunn opens up about the said topic and he confirmed that TDK is still alive.


When a fan brought it to Twitter to ask about the fate of Nathan Fillion’s character, TDK, or The Detachable Kid whether he survived the explosion at Corto Maltese in the first few minutes of the movie, James Gunn positively confirmed that he is alive, “#TDK was definitely alive last we saw him. #TheSuicideSquad”

With a combination of characters old and new, The Suicide Squad gets on with another life-threatening mission, this time, in Corto Maltese, and Waller ordered them to eliminate Project Starfish which was later revealed to be Starro the Conqueror. They came in two teams: one was led by Bloodsport and the other by Harley Quinn and Rick Flag.

The team of Bloodsport made their way through the back while the other one went straight into the beach where a bloodbath is waiting for them. One by one, the team fell into various hilarious reasons for their death and TDK was one of those, seemingly an ineffectual warrior to begin with as his abilities are to detach his limbs and control them from a distance.


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While that was a really laughable skill, his limbs were gunned down and he felt every bullet coming through even when it is detached. Still, it was shown in the communications hub of Waller that TDK is not marked dead which led fans to believe that he is still alive. Now that it has been confirmed, there seems to be a future for Nathan Fillion’s TDK in the DCEU.

The Suicide Squad of James Gunn is now available on HBO Max and in DVD and Blu-ray copies.