J-Hope Reveals Sentimental Origin Story Of Solo Album’s Name Jack In The Box

Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

J-Hope has finally dropped his debut solo album, Jack in the Box, and the BTS member reveals the unbelievable reason behind EP’s name.

Jack in the Box has a significant meaning for J-Hope’s career. Aside from being his first solo album’s title, it also has something to do with his stage name.

The Connection of Jack in the Box to J-Hope’s Name

It has been known that RM and Band PD-nim helped J-Hope choose his stage name.

The artist picked “Hope” because he believed it lined up with his values and plans for his future and career.

“I felt like it was a great word that went well with my positive vibe at the time and what I was aiming for in my life’s trajectory,” he said, viaKoreaboo.

Bang PD-nim then attached the Greek mythology story of Pandora’s Box to J-Hope’s name. He also asked the South Korean rapper to say “Jack in the box” whenever he raps a song.

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Though choosing J-Hope’s name happened before BTS debuted in 2013, J-Hope treasured the story about it and decided to use it as his solo album’s title.

Jack in the Box as J-Hope’s Debut Solo Album Name

J-Hope started to create a story behind the name Jack in the Box and used the box as a symbol of growth.

Whenever he leaves that box, it means he’s ready to create more mature music.

“That’s the origin of my name and I wanted to reflect that in my music,” he explained. “In a way, I tried to create story arch out of it. The music I’ve made like ‘Hope World,’ ‘Chicken Noodle Soup,’ ‘Blue Side,’ the different mixtape tracks, if those were all songs inside a box, it’s time to leave the box.”

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When he finally left the box, J-Hope had also broken the mold as a BTS member and become a solo artist.

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It also shows a “more complex side” of himself through the deeper meanings of his musical themes.

“My album Jack In The Box is about my aspiration to break the mold and grow further. The two main tracks ‘MORE’ and ‘ARSON’ represent my stories inside and outside the box, respectfully,” he explained. “I try to express my own musical personality as an artist and show a new different side in this album.”

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J-Hope’s Debut Solo Album Jack in the Box

J-Hope officially dropped Jack in the Box on Friday, July 15. It quickly topped Billboard’s new music poll and was chosen as the new favorite music release of the past week.

The album came with the release of his new single, “Arson,” which now had more than 18 million views on YouTube after just five days.

J-Hope is the first BTS member to release his solo album after announcing the group’s temporary hiatus in June.

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